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City of Hollywood Wants Florida Lawmakers to Reduce or Void $1.6 Million Jury Verdict Awarded to Landscaper Injured in Public Works Truck Accident

In Florida, lawyers for the city of Hollywood are fighting a $1.6 million jury verdict awarded to a landscaper who was injured after a public works truck rammed into his pickup truck on Federal Highway at Sheridan Street on July 30, 2002. Both vehicles were totaled. Ronald Miller, a self-employed landscaper, did not have health insurance at the time the accident happened. However, he asked the city of Hollywood for just $85,000 to cover the medical costs he accrued from the Florida truck accident. Lawyers for the city of Hollywood refused to pay his personal injury claim, even while acknowledging that Miller should receive the settlement, their worker was at fault, and the city would likely lose the Florida truck accident lawsuit if it went to court. In 2006, a Broward County jury awarded Miller a $1.6 million verdict. So far, the city of Hollywood, Florida has paid Miller $100,000. He still owes another $40,000 in medical expenses and more than $300,000 in future medical bills are expected. Last week, the city’s attorneys took part in a special legislative hearing to convince lawmakers to reduce or void the jury’s verdict. Unless the Florida Legislature waves the lawsuit cap, Florida municipalities are protected from any civil judgments higher than $100,000. Miller, who continues to mow lawns, will now have to undergo knee replacement surgery at a cost of $60,000/knee. He is employed by Ron’s Lawn Service and can only finish mowing half as many lawns during a full day of work than what he could do before the 2002 motor vehicle crash. At the time of the truck accident, Miller was the main financial provider for his girlfriend, her sick mother, and his son. Some Reasons for Suing a Florida government entity for Personal Injury: • Injuries involving liable city police officers. • Premises liability at a city park. • Personal injury accidents at public schools. • Traffic accidents involving city buses. • Medical malpractice at a county hospital. Related Web Resources: City of Hollywood, Florida

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