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Avastin Injections Repackaged in Hollywood, Florida Pharmacy Linked to Serious Eye Infections

According to the Florida Department of Health, reports of streptococcal endophthalmitis infections linked to intravitreal injection of repackaged Avastin have surfaced at clinics in the Miami area. The tainted injections have been traced back to a Hollywood, Florida pharmacy that repackaged the Avastin into 1mL-single-use syringes for individual eye treatments. The pharmacy then sent the injections to the eye clinics. A single lot of Avastin was used in the repackaging of the drug. If you or someone you loved developed a serious eye condition after getting an Avastin injection or taking any kind of medication, it is important that you speak with an experienced Miami products liability law firm right away. Streptococcal Endophthalmitis Infections This infection leads to the inflammation of the eye’s internal coats. This type of bacterial infection can cause severe eye damage and even blindess. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, at least 12 patients in three Florida clinics suffered eye infections after receiving an Avastin injection. While the patients did have vision problems prior to taking the drug, some of these patients became blind after they developed endophthalmitis. The repackaging of sterile drugs must be done in a manner that does not compromise the sterility of the medication. That said, it is the responsibility of medical professionals and pharmacists to make sure that drugs that they sell, distribute, or prescribe comes from proper sources. It is also up to drug manufacturers to make sure that their drugs are packaged in a way that will keep them sterile so that consumers don’t develop infections. Apparently, there have been other eye infections linked to the administration of repackaged Avastin injections. The FDA says there have been four reported cases in Tennessee and five in California that resulted in blindness. One man’s family has filed a $4 million dangerous drug claim asserting that the he lost his eyesight and suffered brain damage from taking Avandia. While Roche Holding AG's (RHHBY) Genentech unit doesn’t endorse use of Avastin to treat eye conditions, some health providers have still opted to use the drug to treat eye diseases. Avastin is normally used to treat cancer. Compounding Pharmacies These pharmacies make small quantities of drugs. Compounding pharmacies are not subject to FDA regulation and they don’t have to comply with the regulations and statutes other prescription meds must satisfy in order to be considered acceptable and safe for use. Compounding pharmacies can commit pharmacy errors that can result in serious injuries and even death. Our Miami personal injury law firm represents clients injured by dangerous medication, tainted drugs, and other meds that caused serious injury or wrongful death. "Five More Reports of Avastin Injections Causing Blindness, The New York Times, September, 1, 2011 Related Web Resources: Florida Department of Health Avastin FDA More Blog Posts: The US Drug Watchdog Warns all Fixodent and Super Poligrip Denture Cream Users of Possible Zinc Poisoning, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, October 14, 2009 Florida Jury Awards Pensacola Man $7 Million In Products Liability Lawsuit Against Accutane Manufacturer Hoffman-La Roche, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, October 22, 2007 Florida Defective Medical Device?: DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement System Also Reportedly Causing Problems for Some Patients, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, March 31, 2011

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