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Archdiocese of Miami Settles Florida Sexual Abuse Case And Issues Apology to Teen

In Florida, the Archdiocese of Miami has settled a sexual abuse lawsuit involving a teenage girl. The monetary terms of the agreement are confidential, but, as part of the settlement, the archdiocese issued a public apology to the girl for its role in the “harm caused to her.” The archdiocese also said it would prevent future violations. The Florida sexual abuse lawsuit, filed against the Miami Archdiocese last year, accuses the then-19-year-old Pinecrest youth minister Anthony B. Ricco of assaulting the girl on several occasions in 2006. Ricco eventually pleaded no contest to nine counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child between ages 12 and 16, which included his assaults on the girl. The girl has accused St. Louis Catholic Church Reverend James Fetscher and Senior Youth Minister Paul Herring of failing to protect her and other girls from Ricco, even though other families had filed complaints about his past exploits of sexual misconduct. Ricco was sentenced to 2 years house arrest and 10 years probation. The girl says that Fetscher and Senior Youth Minister Paul Herring did not do anything to protect the kids from the abuse. Churches, community groups, and other organizations are supposed to make sure that children or teens placed under their supervision are not put in a situation that could cause them personal injury. Over the past several years, the Catholic Church has come under fire over reports and a slew of sexual abuse lawsuits alleging that it turned a blind eye while knowing that clergy members were sexually abusing children. Premises Liability If the owner or manager of a premise or organization could have (or should have) acted to prevent a person from being sexually assaulted, the owner, supervisor, and/or organization can be held liable for personal injury under Florida’s premises liability law. If you or your child was the victim of sexual abuse, there are legal remedies available to you under the law that could allow you to file a Florida child sexual abuse lawsuit against the perpetrator and any group or organization that could have prevented the abuse from happening. Related Web Resources: Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

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