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Florida Department of Transportation Declares May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The Florida Department of Transportation has joined the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other state departments of transportation in the nationwide campaign to promote motorcycle safety awareness during the month of May. Promoting motorcycle safety is essential across the United States, as the death toll for motorcyclists continue to rise each year. Across the nation, 4,810 motorcycle riders died in 2006—5% more than the number of motorcyclists that died in 2005. 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2006—1,000 injury victims more than the 87,000 injured motorcycle riders in 2005. In Florida, 388 motorcyclists died in 2004 compared to 339 in 2003. 6,558 Florida motorcycle riders were injured in 2004—again, an increase from the 5,973 that were hurt in traffic crashes in 2003. The sunny weather in Florida makes motorcycle riding a yearlong, popular mode of transportation. One reason that motorcycle accidents happen so often is that other drivers forget to watch out for these smaller motor vehicles. Many motorcycles end up in a motor vehicle’s blind spot, which makes them even harder for a driver to see unless they are purposely looking around. In South Florida, our motorcycle accident law firm represents injury victims and their families in the recovery of the financial compensation that they are owed by the negligent parties. If you contact our Miami motorcycle crash law firm for your free case evaluation, we can explore your legal options with you. The Florida Department of Transportation offers several safety tips regarding how motor vehicle drivers can share the roads safely with motorcyclists: • Give a motorcycle the full width of a lane rather than sharing one with them. • Check your mirrors and blindspots for motorcycles. • Be aware that certain road conditions that aren’t dangerous to you might be hazardous to a motorcycle rider. • Don’t tailgate a motorcycle. Our South Florida motorcycle collision injury law firm has law offices in Miami, Naples, and Hollywood, Florida. Share the Road, NHTSA Related Web Resources: Motorcycle Safety Foundation Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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