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Florida Laparoscopic Malpractice: When Small Incisions Lead to Large Injuries

While there are advantages to undergoing a laparoscopic procedure over more invasive surgeries, including quicker recovery time and smaller incisions, when Miami laparoscopic malpractice does happen, serious injuries can arise. Depending on the procedure, injuries might include: • Bile leakage • Abscess • Infection • Jaundice • Pain • Lap cole injuries • Bile peronitis • Hepatic duct injuries • Ureter injuries • Kidney injuries • Veress needle injuries • Trocar injuries • Cholangitis • Electrocautery injuries • Permanent disability • Death Laparoscopic surgery is often used to perform a number of medical procedures, including hernia repair, gallbladder removal, pancreatic surgery, certain abdominal procedures, and hysterectomies. This type of surgery usually requires that use of a tiny camera that is inserted inside the body. The surgeon then looks through the camera to perform the procedures. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen—especially when a laparoscopic procedure is performed by someone who lacks the proper training and/or experience to perform a procedure while watching what is happening on screen instead of with the naked eye. Some laparoscopic injuries are so serious that a patient may become disabled for life. For example, a patient who sustains a bile duct injury because of a laparoscopic malpractice may turn in to a “biliary cripple,” undergoing liver transplants and other surgical procedures. Cholangitis, another injury that can result from a botched laparoscopic procedure, is a bile duct infection that can lead to bacteria and waste products from the small intestine moving up the body. This can prove fatal. Examples of Laparoscopic Surgery Mistakes: • Severing or damaging the bile duct • Damaging a blood vessel or nerve • Damaging the bowel • Cutting the common bile duct and not the cystic duct during gallbladder surgery • Failure to immediately remedy any injuries that occur during the procedure • Failure to properly monitor the patient during and after surgery Our Palm Beach medical malpractice law firm represents clients injured because of laparoscopic surgery errors and other medical mistakes. More Blog Posts: $4.7M Broward County Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded to Woman Who Suffered Anesthesia Complications During Surgery, Florida Injury Attorney, June 22, 2011 $19.2M Florida Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded to Family of Girl with Cerebral Palsy, Florida Injury Attorney, March 23, 2011 Florida Judge Who Intends to File West Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Surgeons and Radiologist Says Sponge was Left Inside His Body, Florida Injury Attorney, September 29, 2010

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