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Broward County Woman Who Lost Limbs Wins Second Florida Medical Malpractice Trial

A Broward County woman who claims she lost her legs and arms because of the negligent treatment she received at a local hospital has won a second Florida medical malpractice trial. Lisa Strong lost her first trial in January when a Broward county jury ruled in favor of South Broward Hospital District, Memorial Hospital West, Dr. Jason Strong, Dr. Laurentina Kocik, and Dr. Rajkumar Nebhrajani. Strong had sought $75 million against the defendants. In her Florida medical malpractice lawsuit, she contended that defendants' delayed diagnosis of a kidney stone infection resulted in her suffering from septic shock, which lead to catastrophic complications, including the amputation of her forearms and lower legs. Strong has three young children. Now, Broward Circuit Judge Charles M. Greene has overturned the jury’s findings. He says that he agrees with the 45-year-old plaintiff that negligence on the parts of the defendants was established during the trial. The judge said that Jason Strong, Memorial Hospital’s admitting physician, and Laurentina Kocik, the emergency room doctor, had placed the blame on each other for failing to diagnose that Strong was suffering from kidney stones. Greene, however, says that trial testimony showed that at least one of the doctors, if not the two of them, are to blame for delaying Strong’s CT scan, which could have correctly diagnosed her condition. If her infection had been treated sooner, her limbs may have been saved. Greene did, however, uphold the part of the jury’s verdict that ruled in favor of South Broward Hospital, which runs Memorial Hospital West, and Dr. Rajkumar Nebhrajani. Septic Shock Septic shock can occur when there is bacteria in the blood. This can lead to a deadly decrease in the person’s blood pressure, multiple organ failure, respiratory failure, or death. Immediate and proper medical treatment is required to prevent such catastrophic consequences. Related Web Resources: The outcomes of Septic shock, SteadyHealth.com

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