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Car Insurance Claim Denied? Here’s What You Can Do

In Florida, and every other state, it is a legal requirement to have at least basic car insurance. Your car insurance is designed to provide you with coverage in the event that there’s an accident; however, insurance companies don’t approve and pay out every car insurance claim. If your claim is denied it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation. The Florida statutes provide for payment of all or a portion of your attorney fees if you successfully overturn an insurance company’s coverage determination in court.

Reasons for Denial

If your car insurance claim was denied, you will likely receive a letter in the mail from your insurance company outlining why your claim was denied. In Florida insurance companies have an obligation to be specific in their reasons for denying your claim. The most common reasons car insurance claims are denied include, but are not limited to:
  • You were not named on the insurance policy. If you are not a party on the policy, you may not be covered if you were involved in an accident.
  • You did not have coverage for the type of accident that occurred.
  • The deadline by which you can file an auto accident claim has passed.
  • You are behind on payments to your insurance company and your policy was cancelled.
  • There are more damages than what is covered on your insurance policy.
  • You were at fault for the accident and have liability-only coverage.
  • The insurance company believed that damage to your car did not occur as reported.
  • The insurance did not authorize the full amount of repairs recommended by your mechanic.

Gather Evidence

Understanding why your car insurance company has denied your claim is the key to gathering evidence that could change their denial to get you the coverage you deserve. For example, if your claim was denied due to non-payment and you have actually been making payments on time, obtaining receipts that prove you made payments may allow you to have the decision overturned. It is helpful to bring this documentation to your initial legal consultation.

Contact an Experienced Florida Attorney to Appeal a Denied Car Insurance Claim

Having an experienced lawyer on your side is important when facing an insurance company. Once an insurance company reaches a decision regarding a claim, it most likely will have to be challenged in court. At a free consultation hiring a Florida attorney to review appeal a denied car insurance claim can help you determine if the denial is valid and what legal options you might have. At the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we understand what is necessary to overturn a car insurance denial, and we will bring our expertise and resources to the table in your case. If you have had a car insurance claim denied, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation by calling (800) 555-4011. We are available now to help you.

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