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College Student Who Sustained Severe Burn Injuries from Palm Beach County Car Accident Has Died

A Florida Atlantic University student who sustained burn injuries on more than 50% of his body after he was involved in a Lake Worth car accident last May died today at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Frantzdy Cherisma was 26. The college student’s car burst into flames on Interstate 95 on May 18 after his 1997 Nissan sedan was struck by another vehicle while it was stopped in the center lane. According to investigators, Cherisma’s vehicle became disabled when after it ran over the rear bumper of a tractor-trailer that had fallen onto the road. The driver of the vehicle that struck Cherisma’s auto, 39-year-old West Palm Beach resident Kevin C. Dillard, has said that there was another car blocking his view and that this prevented him from seeing Cherisma’s auto until it was too late. Investigators have since found that Dillard was not driving improperly. Cherisma, who fell unconscious after the Palm Beach County car accident, was reported missing by his family. They eventually found him at the Miami hospital where he was listed under his father’s name. Road Debris Road debris can cause serious Miami car accidents, which is why it is so important that the parties responsible for the fallen debris clean it up before anyone can get hurt. Cargo from vehicles, auto parts that have come off a truck or another motor vehicle, garbage from waste haulers, and materials left on the road after a highway construction can lead to flat tires, smashed windshields, and cars colliding with one another in an attempt to avoid the debris, regain control of their vehicle, or avoid striking the other autos on the road. AAA Exchange says that more than 25,000 North American car accidents a year are a result of vehicles colliding with road debris. 80 to 90 people are killed as a result. Missing FAU student found unconscious at Miami hospital, Sun-Sentinel, May 27, 2010 Related Web Resources: Florida Department of Transportation The International Society for Burn Injuries If you believe that a driver did not properly secure his/her cargo or was careless in any other way that caused you to get hurt because of road debris or for any other reason, it is important that you explore your legal options with a Palm Beach County, Florida car accident law firm.

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