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Will Federal Ban Barring Bus Operators and Truckers from Texting Lower the Number of Florida Truck Crashes?

Although Florida currently doesn’t have any laws making it illegal for drivers in the state to text message or talk on any kind of cell phone will operating their motor vehicles, the federal government is now barring commercial bus drivers and truckers from texting while driving. This new law should hopefully prevent some deadly Florida truck collisions from happening—considering that research from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reports that truckers who text have a 23 times greater chance of being involved in a truck crash than truck drivers who don't text. Some skeptics, however, are wondering whether these bans can be enforced. Over the last several months, Obama Administration has been taking steps to make sure that people become aware of the dangers that come with talking on the phone or texting while driving. Federal employees are now banned from doing either activity while on the job and the US Department of Transportation recently launched Distraction.gov, a Web site focused on further increasing public awareness. Texting and talking on a cell phone prevent a motorist from placing their full attention on driving. Texting is especially dangerous because drivers have to take their hands and eyes off the road for a few seconds minimum, which is more than enough time for a fatal Florida motor vehicle crash to happen. While some US states and the District Columbia have laws banning texting and/or talking on a handheld cell phone, the Highway Loss Data Institute is reporting that these restrictions do not appear to be reducing the number of car crashes in those states. Could it be that people who used to talk on handheld cell phones are still talking while driving but are now using hands-free devices? Lawmakers were hoping that keeping both hands on the steering wheel would prevent cell phone driving accidents from happening, but there is mounting evidence that engaging in any conversation that is located anywhere else but in the car still takes the driver’s mind off the present driving conditions. Our Miami truck crash lawyers are all too familiar with the injuries and deaths that result each year—at least 1.6 million auto accidents, reports the National Safety Council—because of motorists who were texting or using cell phones. Obama to Federal Employees: Don't Text and Drive, Washington Post, October 2, 2009 New data from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute provides insight into cell phone use and driving distraction, VTNews, July 29, 2010 Cell Phone Driving Laws, Governors Highway Safety Association Distraction.gov Contact our Broward County truck accident law firm today.

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