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How to Dispute a Settlement on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

The decision to file a homeowner’s insurance claim dispute can be a difficult one, particularly if you believe that you are in the right and you have read the insurance policy from cover to cover. Unfortunately, even though all mortgage lenders will require buyers to purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect the assets that the lender is taking on as collateral, the homeowner’s insurance protects the contents as well as the outside of the home, but it is common to experience problems with the home owner’s insurance company.

If you do not agree with the results of your homeowner’s insurance claim, you can dispute the claim to ensure you’ll receive the amount that you deserve. Trying to handle a disputed claim on your own can lead to mistakes, and this is why it is recommended that you contact an experienced attorney to assist you with this process. If you believe that the insurance company wrongfully underestimated or denied your claim, you need to gather your evidence and present it directly to an experienced lawyer who can walk you through every stage of your case. Hiring your own public appraiser or insurance adjustor can assist you with assessing the damage amount or loss to the home. You also need to tell the insurance agent that you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the claim and explain the reasoning for your dissatisfaction.

You may also request that the claim be reviewed again. Usually, the insurance agents will do everything possible to keep you as a customer, but this does not always mean they will directly agree with your decision. You may need to follow any specific company processes outlined for disputing the claim. You’ll also want to request information about how the adjustor arrived at that decision or to contact the claims adjustor to ask that the property be re-evaluated. During the second evaluation of your home, you should raise any concerns about the evaluation and assessment of your property. A supervisor may need to be contacted to review any mistakes. If the manager then reviews your file and identifies that no mistakes were made, you may need to share that you intend to file a complaint with a state insurance commissioner. If you’ve followed all of these methods and have been unsuccessful in resolving your homeowner’s insurance claim, you may need to file legal action with the help of an experienced attorney.


What to Do After a Denied Life Insurance Claim
how to handle a denied life insurance claim

Have you recently had your life insurance claim denied? This can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, particularly in the wake of grief as you try to move forward without a loved one. Many people are counting on a life insurance policy payout when someone passes away unexpectedly. Living expenses and funeral costs may emerge immediately, making it difficult to pay in these situations. However, not all life insurance claims are approved and it can be difficult to read the fine print and figure out what to do if yours has recently been denied. The first step after receiving a notice of a claim denial is to find out the particular reasoning for why it was denied. If this was not clearly outlined in your denial letter, you need to contact the life insurance company right away. Under the law, you should be able to get the reason for this denial in writing. if you feel that the reason for the denial was illegal or unjust, you need to appeal the decision. You need the help of an experienced life insurance appeal attorney to help you with this process because the insurance company’s procedures can be very difficult to understand and are layered with numerous different sets of regulations and difficulties.

Without an attorney to help you through this process, you may be unable to get the benefits that you were so desperately counting on. When you have an attorney, you can show the insurance company that you are serious and you will be thoroughly advised of all steps in the insurance claim process to give you the necessary peace of mind about your future. You cannot afford to wait if you are concerned about a life insurance claim denial because you have a limited period of time in which to appeal this decision.

You need to document that you have contacted the insurance company immediately and that you have taken all the necessary steps to show the insurance company that you do not agree with their final decision. The right lawyer is a powerful advocate for you and your family when you already have enough to worry about.

What to Do If Your Flood Insurance Claim Is Denied
hire a lawyer if your flood insurance claim has been denied

You probably thought that your flood insurance policy would give you a great deal of peace of mind if you sustained water damage. If your claim is underpaid or denied, however, this can generate further legal problems for you. If you’ve already read through your policy in detail and believe that your claim should have been covered, it’s a good idea to pursue an appeal.  If you have a private flood policy, you should appeal to the insurance company directly.

Having a knowledgeable attorney who has worked through many different denials in past for these types of cases is very valuable for empowering you with the necessary information to succeed. Trying to appeal on your own exposes you to a number of different problems and risks, all of which could lead to the delay of your approval or further denials.

You’ll get a notice from the insurer that administers your policy when your claim is denied. You have file your appeal within 60 days of the written denial. Contacting your adjustor, the adjustor supervisor and the insurance claim representative can all be accomplished by hiring a flood claim denial lawyer who has experience fighting back against these companies who try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge. You deserve to have a flood insurance policy that pays out when you have filed a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, far too many people who have already suffered the devastating impacts of dealing with such a problem are forced to try to deal with a delay or a denial on the part of the company you thought you could trust to help protect you. Consulting with a knowledgeable flood claim insurance denial lawyer will help empower you with the details and strategy needed to fight back against these big companies and recover the compensation you need.  

What You Need to Know About Your Insurance Policy After a Loss
learn more about insurance company denials

An insurance policy is there to protect you in the event of a serious problem, but many people are shocked to learn that it’s not always easy to deal directly with your insurance company. The discovery that you might have to hire a lawyer to help you with a denied claim can be an unwelcome one, but it might be the first and most important step for recovering the policy benefits to which you are entitled. The right lawyer can help you navigate this situation so you get the support you need.

Understanding how to file an effective insurance claim and to avoid the problems associated with a denied insurance claim begins with the review of the policy itself. You should begin by looking at the declarations page on your policy. This explains how a policy could be divided into separate coverage categories. Furthermore, depending on the type of policy you selected, you may have additional endorsements that are listed on the declaration page.

Read the policy over and over again until you have a primary understanding of what’s included in it. You can ask for one in writing if you do not have a current and complete copy of your insurance policy. This helps to ensure that you and the relevant insurance adjuster are working from the same document. There is math entitled in determining how much you may be eligible to recover depending on the type of insurance policy. If you rely only on the company’s adjuster to calculate the losses, you could leave money on the table.

Having an experienced attorney for a denied insurance claim at your side to help you navigate this complex situation and to avoid unfair denials or delays in your claim. The right lawyer is necessary for avoiding further problems. An attorney for denied insurance claims can help you figure out the best way to proceed and to hold an insurance company accountable if they have engaged in bad faith behavior that violates your rights as a consumer of an insurance policy product.



Why You Need to Hire a Fire Damage Lawyer
a fire damage lawyer can help with your legal claim

Living through a fire is an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not yet sure what all was lost or destroyed in the process. Due to the high stakes for your insurance claim after a fire, hiring a lawyer is important.

Have you recently suffered serious fire damage because of an unpreventable event and now you are filing an insurance claim to recover compensation? You have enough to worry about after losing all of your possessions and potentially even losing a loved one or coping with injuries yourself.

A fire damage lawyer should be retained, if you need help from someone who understands the benefits of filing a claim effectively and fighting back when the insurance company is acting in bad faith or is unreasonably delaying or denying your claim. If you are not sure what your rights are and you are concerned about trusting your insurance company; you should be. The insurance company’s financial interests are not in harmony. The insurance company wants a minimum payout and you are looking for the maximum payout to put this incident behind you and move on with your life.

This is a business negotiation and therefore a fire damage lawyer should be retained to help you figure out the extent of your injuries and damages and a full and fair payment for the compensation you need. To get a fair settlement of any large claim, you need to educate yourself by retaining a fire damage lawyer who will advocate for your rights and increase your chances of a successful recovery.

You must know how to reach out to get the right professional help if you need it and this can come in the form of a fire damage attorney, who has years of experience representing victims who have lost all of their belongings in fires and want to close out their insurance claim as soon as possible. Your insurance claim may be your only way to put the pieces of your life back together and therefore a fire damage lawyer should be retained to help you accomplish it.

Tips for Filing a Fire Insurance Claim
handling a fire insurance claim denial should be done with a lawyer


Particularly, as fires are a seriously prevalent threat throughout the country, insurance companies may try to cut corners on fire insurance claims in order to protect their own bottom line. It is already a devastating experience to lose your personal belongings in your home but the last thing you want to worry about is a bad faith action by your homeowners’ insurance company.

There are several different steps you can take to increase your chances of a successful fire insurance claim. However, bear in mind that many insurance companies will do everything in their power to minimize or deny your claim altogether. The only way to protect yourself if you find yourself in that situation is to retain a bad faith insurance claim attorney.

Such a lawyer can advise you about your rights and empower you with greater decision-making ability such that if you need to, you can file a legal claim against the insurance company directly. Not every claim will be eligible to file a bad faith legal claim but talking over the circumstances of your case with a knowledgeable insurance claim lawyer is a great step. The following steps should be followed when filing a fire insurance claim:

  • Requesting in advance against your fire insurance claim.
  • Pressuring the insurance company to act immediately in filing your claim right away.
  • Making a list of everything you’ve lost and refuse to throw anything away.
  • Secure all property to mitigate future damage.
  • Keep track of your living expenses immediately after the fire has occurred.
  • Keep receipts, documentation, and repair estimates on file with you.
  • Continue to pay your insurance premiums.
  • Consider the benefits of a public adjuster.
  • Do not worry about losing insurance coverage.
  • Reach out directly to an experienced attorney if you believe that the insurance company has acted in bad faith. Showing them you are serious by filing a legal claim can cause the insurance company to finally take the action that they should do under the policy anyways.

Gathering the appropriate evidence and sitting down in a consultation with a lawyer empowers you with the most possibilities.

What to Do When Your Insurance Adjuster Will Not Return Your Calls After an Accident?
If your insurance claim is denied after a car accident, you need help from an insurance claims lawyer

Many individuals who have suffered serious injuries in a car accident assume that their insurance company will be there to protect them. It can be an overwhelming an unfortunate discovery to realize that the insurance adjuster is not doing his or her job. The adjuster may be counting on you not wanting to deal with the hassle of an insurance claim. An insurance claims lawyer may be able to help you with this situation if you find yourself frustrated with an adjuster who is not returning your calls.

For a victim who has been seriously injured in an accident, you already have enough to worry about. You may attempt to resolve things on your own with the insurance company, but may get gridlocked if the insurance claims adjuster does not return your calls. In the event that he or she acts out of bounds and violates your rights, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit as a result. Consulting with an attorney may be the only way for you to realize that your rights have been trampled so that you can take appropriate action to defend them.

No one should find themselves in this situation. When you discover that your insurance claims adjuster is not returning your calls, the first thing you should do is to send written notice of your request to speak with the adjuster. Document all of your concerns in a written letter and send it certified through the postal service so that you can track that it has been received.

You may need this information down the road as evidence after you’ve consulted with your attorney about filing a case. Since it may be late in the game when you realize that you need an attorney to help you with this type of insurance claim, it is imperative that you identify someone who has handled cases like this before. It can be overwhelming to find yourself in this situation without realizing all of the steps that you need to take to protect yourself.

When the insurance aduster is refusing your calls or unfairly denying your claim, you need an experienced lawyer you can trust to help you with your case.

5 Signs Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith
Florida Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

When you make a claim to an insurance company you paid every month for years, you expect your claim will process quickly and your benefits will be paid. However, some insurance companies act in bad faith. They hurt the consumer financially by not honoring their end of the agreement. Here’s  signs your insurance company may be acting in bad faith and what you can do about it.

1. A Low Settlement Offer Made Soon After the Incident

If your insurance company offers a settlement soon after the incident, it’s likely the settlement amount doesn’t account for future expenses. For example, in a car accident, the settlement may not plan ahead for future medical needs.

2. The Terms Are Changed Without Your Knowledge

An insurance company must provide you notice if the terms of your policy change. If the insurance company changed the policies without notifying you, or the insurance company is misrepresenting your policy, they may be acting in bad faith.

3. Refusal to Acknowledge Evidence of Damages

If you presented your insurance company with undeniable proof of damages, such as medical expenses or photographs of your injuries, and they refuse to acknowledge the evidence, they may be acting in bad faith. An insurance company should acknowledge the evidence you bring forward if it can be substantiated.

4. Inability to Provide a Reasonable Explanation of a Low Claim Value

Insurance companies that act in bad faith often make low settlement offers. Yet, they are unable to explain why the claim is so low. Be wary of your insurance company if they lowballed you but can’t reasonably explain why your claim value is reduced.

5. Intimidation

If your insurance company is intimidating you in any way, or pressuring you to take their settlement offer, be on high alert and consult with your attorney. An insurance company should never pressure you into accepting a settlement offer. Nor should they ask for information you are not legally required to provide.

What to Do When Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

If you have reason to believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith after you made a claim, you may need to take legal action against them. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information or set up a consultation appointment. Call the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. at (800) 555-4011.

How to Handle a Dog Bite Injury Claim
Florida Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Dogs are generally friendly animals, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some dogs can be vicious and attack without warning, causing serious and debilitating injuries. In cases of children or elderly individuals being bitten, the risk of critical injury and death goes up. Here’s how to handle a dog bite injury claim if you or a loved one are bitten or attacked by a dog.

Check the Dog Owner’s Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Many people wonder if they bring a claim forward against the dog owner for the attack, who will pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering? Fortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies include animal bites. While this often applies to dogs, it can also apply to a bite or attack by any other animal in the home, such as a ferret or a ball python. However, dogs stand to do much more injury than smaller animals.

If you or a family member are bitten by a dog and you know who the dog’s owner is, ask for their homeowner’s insurance policy information and get into contact with them.

Don’t Wait to Get Medical Care

Even if the dog bite doesn’t look serious at first, it’s important to obtain medical care as soon as possible, even if this means going to the ER. There are two reasons for this — first, dog bites are deep wounds. The dog’s teeth puncture the skin deeply. While the wound looks small and insignificant on the outside, it may go all the way through muscle or down to bone. The risk for infection is high.

Second, waiting to get medical care can cause problems obtaining compensation later on. The insurance company will undoubtedly argue that if you waited to seek medical care, the bite or attack injuries weren’t that serious. It’s always in your best interest to obtain medical care as soon as possible after a dog bite.

Contact the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. Today

At the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we can help you navigate the complex waters of a dog bite claim, especially when dealing with insurance companies who would prefer to dispute your claim. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to go over your case in detail by calling (800) 555-4011.

How to Face a Life Insurance Claim Denial

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the burden of receiving a denial of your family member’s life insurance. A life insurance claim denial feels like a slap in the face. You may feel like you have nowhere left to go. It’s important to not back down after receiving a denial — you have the option to appeal the denial and pursue the matter in a higher court. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

A life insurance claim can be denied for almost any reason, but there are some reasons that appear to be more common than others. If your loved one’s life insurance claim has been denied, it may have been for one of these four reasons:

  • How the death occurred wasn’t covered under the policy. For example, if the death occurred by suicide and not accident, it may not be covered.
  • The death occurred during the period of contestability. For a certain amount of time after the policy is taken out, most insurers reserve the right to contest paying out on the policy. If, for example, your loved one passed away just a few months after taking out the policy, the insurance company will more than likely contest.
  • Premiums weren’t kept up to date. Unfortunately, many people realize that they hadn’t paid life insurance policy premiums for some time when it is too late.
  • Your loved one died as a result of something that was withheld during the application process. Full disclosure is necessary for a life insurance policy to be considered valid. For example, if your loved one died of a heart attack and you had failed to disclose that they had a heart condition, the claim will likely be denied.

How to Appeal a Life Insurance Claim Denial

Usually, you will either be sent a letter stating why the claim was denied or you can obtain this information by calling the adjuster who worked on your case. Find out why your claim was denied and take your case to a seasoned insurance denials lawyer. At the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we can help you appeal your case and increase your chances of receiving a payout.

If your loved one’s insurance claim has been denied, don’t take “no” for an answer. Contact our offices to obtain the zealous and compassionate representation you need during this challenging time by calling (954) 763-4950.