Hurricane Claims Attorney

If you have an unpaid insurance claim, or are currently in a dispute with your insurance company over a hurricane claim, our insurance attorneys may be able to help you.

When multiple homes have been damaged by a major event, such as a hurricane, the insurance companies often immediately shift away from their standard claim handling policy. The result can be a tighter process that results in slower payouts as well as lower payout amounts of the claims.

Insurance companies use this tactic as a way to save money during large scale events, such as a hurricane.  Attorneys understand this negotiation tactic because they are professional negotiators themselves.

One of the primary problems with homeowners insurance claims is that the claim can establish an adversarial relationship between the client and their insurance company. This is where an experienced and effective insurance attorney can greatly help expedite a claim.

In most cases it is important to discuss the claim with an attorney as soon as possible:

  • The homeowner typically reports the claim immediately to the insurance company in the beginning of the process.
  • The first response of the insurance adjuster is a good indication of how the claim negotiation will go.
  • Even obvious cases are still negotiated downwards in an attempt to entice the client to settle for less than the maximum coverage of the policy.

Interpretation of the particular policy can become the problem even when the homeowner understands the policy perfectly.

Retaining an attorney can mean that all potential claim issues will be addressed from the beginning, and a court petition can be filed immediately for bad faith negotiation tactics.

Always remember that the insurance company is in business to make a profit:

Insurance adjusters often apply standard company denials or small payout amount on claims, and it usually takes an attorney with a solid track record in professional insurance litigation negotiations to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement for all covered damages.

Your insurance provider may appear to be your friend when you purchase your policy, but they can become unrecognizable when a claim is filed. Get an attorney and get a good one.  Call us for help today.