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Woman Sues Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach for Wrongful Death of Son in Florida

In Florida, the mother of a man who drowned last year while trying to save two girls caught in the ocean currents is suing the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach for his wrongful death. Giankarlo "J.C." Squicimari died last May while at the resort. He and his friend were at the beach, when they reportedly heard the girls screaming and noticed that resort employees did not respond. No lifeguards were on duty. Squicimari, 31, and his friend ran into the water to help the girls. His friend saved the 12-year-old, but nearly drowned until someone else came to the rescue. Squicimari held the 8-year-old girl above the water so she wouldn’t drown. He was under the water for several minutes before he was pulled out. He never regained consciousness. The National Weather Service had cautioned that there were very dangerous rip currents that day that could put even experienced swimmers at risk of being dragged into the ocean. Squicimari’s mother, Olga Giner filed her complaint in Palm Beach County Circuit Court today. She says the resort only had one sign, located near the pool, which noted the temperature of the water and the low and high tides. The lawsuit claims that even though the sign explained what the different colored warning flags signified, no one who was at the beach on May 27 remembers seeing any flags. No explanations were posted regarding what to do if someone got caught in a rip current. Such signs exist at public beaches. Since Squicimari’s drowning death, the Four Seasons has posted similar signs. It is the responsibility of all premise owners—especially the owner of a property frequented by guests, visitors, patrons, or workers—to ensure that their premise is safe and hazard free. In the event that a hazardous condition does exist on the premise, the premise owner must remedy the condition or—at the very least—provide proper warning that the unsafe condition exists. Failure to do so can be grounds for a premises liability or wrongful death case if someone on the premise is seriously injured or dies. Related Web Resources: Four Seasons Palm Beach In South Florida, the personal injury law firm of The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. has helped many family members recover damages for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones. One of our Palm Beach wrongful death lawyers would be happy to assist you.

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