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Tobacco Litigation: Florida Wrongful Death Trial Against RJ Reynolds Begins

Opening statements have been made in the Florida tobacco litigation trial against RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. and a number of other tobacco companies. Amanda Jean Hall is suing the defendants. She claims that her husband died from lung cancer in 1995 because he was addicted to nicotine in cigarettes. According to the plaintiffs’ attorney, Arthur Hall started smoking at age 14 and kept up with the habit for most of his life. While he tried to quit on a number of occasions, he didn’t succeed until a year before his death. Hall’s family contends that cigarette makers failed to warn consumers that they knew that cigarettes were defective in that they were addictive and could lead to serious health issues. Hall was diagnosed with cancer in 1994. The disease was found in his lymph nodes, kidney, lungs, brain, and the paratracheal area between his lungs and throat. In 2006, The Florida Supreme Court upheld a jury verdict holding tobacco companies liable for smoking-related deaths and injuries. However, the court said that victims would have to file individual Florida wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits to prove that they were owed damages. Cigarette smoking can cause numerous illnesses, including: • Coronary heart disease • Small cell carcinoma • cerebrovascular disease • Pregnancy complications • Peripheral vascular disease • squamous cell carcinoma • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • Aortic aneurysm • Large cell carcinoma • Cervical cancer • Bladder cancer • Kidney cancer • Esophageal cancer • laryngeal cancer • Lung cancer • Cavity cancer • Pancreatic cancer • Tongue cancer • Stomach cancer You may be able to hold a cigarette maker liable for your illness or loved one’s wrongful death that was caused by cigarettes. Wrongful death trial against R.J. Reynolds opens in Gainesville, Gatorsports.com, March 2, 2010 No Clear Winners in Florida Engle Cases, JoinTogether.org, August 25, 2009 Related Web Resources: RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company In South Florida, contact a Miami tobacco litigation law firm today.

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