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St. Lucie County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims Florida Nursing Home Negligence Contributed to Woman’s Fatal Drowning

The daughter of a woman who drowned in the bathroom of a St. Lucie County residential treatment center is seeking damages for her Fort Pierce, Florida wrongful death. Sharon Bronowicz died in January 2009. According to Renee Hill’s St. Lucie County wrongful death complaint, Bronowicz, who was severely depressed, bipolar, and suffered from suicidal tendencies, was left unattended in a locked bathroom for over 45 minutes. While her cause of death was at first listed as suicide, it was later changed to accidental drowning. Hill’s Stuart, Florida wrongful death lawyer says that Bronowicz’s drowning could have been prevented if only residential care treatment workers hadn’t been negligent. Although 59-year-old patient had reportedly became increasingly disturbed in the days leading up to the Florida drowning accident, they still left her alone in a locked bathroom. South Florida nursing homes, residential treatment centers, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities are supposed to properly supervise their residents, and inadequate supervision resulting in serious injuries and death can be grounds for a St. Lucie County nursing home negligence case. Depending on a patient’s health issues and mental state, he/she may require closer supervision and nursing attention than others. Failure to constantly monitor a resident that should not be left alone for too long can prove catastrophic, such as when the resident gets hurt after wandering off the premise, during slip and fall accident, falls off the bed, forgets to eat, doesn't take his/her prescription medication, or causes injury to others. It was just last month that a 51-year-old woman drowned at another nursing home. Jean Engstrom, who was mentally ill, was found in a bathtub with the water running. It can take a few moments for someone submerged under water to drown. Many Florida drowning accidents could have been prevented if only other parties hadn’t acted so negligently or carelessly. While bathtub drownings are normally associated with child victims, adults can drown in bathtubs too if they stay submerged under the water for too long. Also, an adult may fall ill while in the bathtub or fall into the water during a St. Lucie County slip and fall accident. Treatment center facing wrongful death lawsuit after drowning, Sun-Sentinel, July 14, 2010 Bathtub drowning investigation, Chicago Tribune, July 5, 2010 Related Web Resources: Florida Nursing Homes, Nursing Home Info Drowning, eMedicine