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Parents File Miami-Dade Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts of America After Son Passes Away from Heatstroke

The parents of Michael Sclawy-Adelman are suing the Boy Scouts of America for his Miami-Dade County wrongful death. The 17-year-old collapsed and died of heatstroke in May 2009. Sclawy-Adelman was taking part in a 20-mile hike in 100 degree temperatures through the Big Cypress National Park of the Florida Everglades when he started to display signs of heat exhaustion. He then collapsed. Judith Sclawy-Adelman and Howard Adelman are accusing the Boy Scouts and its scoutmasters of negligence. They claim that the Boy Scout leaders waited for over 90 minutes at the 15th mile before contacting 911. They say GMS data and investigative reports support this claim and that by that time, the teen was “dizzy, disoriented, and delirious. ” They also contend that their son began to show signs of heat exhaustion as early as mile 10 but that the hikers kept going. Howard and Judith are also suing BSA's South Florida Council, Plantation United Methodist Church, and scoutmasters Andrew L. Schmidt and Howard K. Crompton, who set up, planned, and led the three boys on the hike. Inadequate Supervision of Minors Parties in charge of supervising minors can be held liable for Miami wrongful death if negligence, such as inadequate supervision, failure to respond properly during an emergency situation, failure to remove or repair a hazard on a premise, or some other kind of negligent act contributed to causing the victim's death. The negligence does not have to be intentional, and there may be more than one liable party. Parents of teen who died on hike sue Boy Scouts, Sun-Sentinel, June 9, 2010 Related Web Resources: Heat Stroke, MedicineNet Boy Scouts of America National Council

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