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Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawsuit Seeks Florida Medical Malpractice Damages From Delray Medical Center Over Alleged Poor Heart Attack Diagnosis

The family of Lazaro Rodriguez is suing Delray Medical Center for Palm Beach medical malpractice and wrongful death. The 40-year-old suffered a fatal heart attack three days after he was treated for chest pain at the hospital. The Rodriguezes are seeking Florida wrongful death damages. His widow contends that when Rodriquez went to see doctors on January 12, 2011 at the Delray Medical Center ER, they misread his test results and failed to provide him with the proper medical care. Two specialists, cardiologist Rodolfo Carrillo-Jimenez and radiologist Fernando Rivera, were assigned to him. Per the Palm Beach wrongful death lawsuit, Rivera misread Rodriguez’s coronary CTA results, finding that they were normal, not abnormal. The family blames Carrillo-Jimenez for stopping Rodriguez’s cardiac medicines and releasing him from the hospital too soon the following day. Despite high troponin levels, which are a sign of heart trauma, Rodriguez was told to take only ibuprofen and aspirin. Rodriguez went into fatal cardiac arrest on January 15. Florida Medical Malpractice You have two years to file a Florida medical malpractice lawsuit from the time the patient or a family member knew or should have known that the injury occurred as a result of possible medical negligence. Florida’s wrongful death statute of limitations is also two years. That said, every case comes with unique circumstances and factors involved, and you want to speak with an experienced Palm Beach medical malpractice law firm that knows how to successfully handle these types of lawsuits to learn more about your legal options. Palm Beach Heart Attack Malpractice Heart attack misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or delayed diagnosis can be the difference between a mild episode and a serious one resulting in permanent damage, other serious side effects, and/or death. Doctors need to be able to detect when early signs indicate that a patient may be suffering from a heart-related episode and they must provide the appropriate medical treatment. Rodriguez’s loved ones aren’t the only family to pursue Palm Beach wrongful death damages against Delray Medical Center over a heart attack fatality. Brian Yellin is suing the medical center for the allegedly negligent medical care that his wife received at the ER in March 2010. Admitted to the hospital after suffering heart palpitations, severe abdominal pain, and other symptoms, Susan Yellin was found unconscious, after having two heart attacks, in her hospital bed a few days later. Brian Yellin blames Carrillo-Jimenez for improperly managing the blood thinners Susan had been taking after an earlier heart valve surgery. There are many reasons why you or a loved one might have grounds to file a Palm Beach heart attack lawsuit. Unfortunately, many patients and their families are too intimidated by the thought of going after damages. They may even worry that suing might be too expensive and too much trouble. What they don’t realize is that successfully pursuing financial recovery may provide you not just with the money you need to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, funeral bills, lost wages, and other damages, but also, in many cases, it is a way to hold the responsible parties liable for your pain and suffering or the loss of someone you love. As a Palm Beach medical malpractice client, you won’t pay for legal services out of your own pocket. Instead, your legal bills from working with an experienced Florida personal injury law firm would come from what is recovered on your behalf. If you don’t recover anything, you pay your attorneys nothing. Medical Malpractice, Florida Statutes Delray Medical Center sued for wrongful death of husband, father, Sun-Sentinel, August 13, 2012 More Blog Posts: When Failure to Diagnose a Heart Attack Becomes Florida Medical Malpractice, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, January 19, 2012 Florida Wrongful Death: FAMU Band Member’s Family to Name Bus Company in Lawsuit Over Fatal Hazing, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, January 12, 2012 Miami Nursing Negligence Lawsuit Claims Paraplegic Patient Was Sodomized in His Home, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, November 16, 2011

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