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Miami-Dade Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Homestead Day Care in Toddler’s Death

Less than a year after 2-year-old Haile Brockington died after being left all day in a day care van in hot weather, another toddler has died under what may be possibly similar circumstances. Like Brockington’s parents, who filed a Palm Beach wrongful death case against the Delray Beach day care center, the family of Dominicue Andrews is suing Jomiba Learning Center and alleging Miami-Dade wrongful death. The 22-month-old died on Tuesday. When emergency workers arrived, Andrews’ body was on the ground near the day center van. Investigators are still trying to determine his cause of death, but the family’s Miami-Dade injury lawyer believes that the boy was left inside the van. He is alleging negligence related to the center’s transportation services. With temperatures hitting the mid-90’s that day, it would have been much hotter in the van. A child can bake to death if left in a vehicle in blistering weather. That said, even if it’s just 60 degrees outside, the inside of a car could end up being much warmer. Considering that a child’s body temperature can go up three to five times faster than a grown up’s increases the chance of child fatality. It takes only 10 minutes for the temperature inside an enclosed auto to go up 20 degrees. Jomiba has agreed to voluntary closure until the investigation is concluded. Considering that day care centers are responsible for taking care o the young children under the watch, if negligence, carelessness, recklessness, or other mistakes on the part of the day care’s owners or its employees were to cause a child to die, the victims’ family could be entitled to Miami wrongful death. Other day care incidents that may be grounds for a case if the child were to get seriously hurt or die. • Crib suffocation or entrapment • Fall accidents • Head injuries from being dropped or shaken by an adult • Playground accidents • Sex abuse • Accidental death • Inadequate care • Inadequate supervision • Injuries from hazardous conditions on the premise that could have been remedied Dead Boy Likely Left in Hot Van: DCF, NBC MIami, July 13, 2011 Related Web Resources: Child Care, Florida Department of Children and Families Wrongful Death, Nolo More Blog Posts: Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Day Care Center and Driver After 2-Year-Old is Left in Van, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, August 18, 2010 Parents File Miami-Dade Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts of America After Son Passes Away from Heatstroke, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, June 9, 2010 Teenager’s Family Sues Broward School District for Fort Lauderdale Wrongful Death, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, April 26, 2010

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