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Miami Wrongful Death Lawsuit Blames Poligrip Denture Adhesive for Paralysis and Zinc Poisoning

The family of Rodney Urbanek is suing GlaxoSmithKline for Miami wrongful death. Urbanek’s daughter and widow claim that the denture adhesive Poligrip caused his paralysis and death by pneumonia. Their Florida wrongful death lawyer says that Urbanek's death may be the first denture cream-related fatality in the US. Urbanek was a Poligrip user for 14 years. He was still healthy in 2007, but a year and two months later he had become a paraplegic, couldn’t raise his arms, and had to use a wheelchair. He died soon after from what the plaintiffs claim was zinc poisoning caused by his use of Poligrip. While Urbanek’s death may be the first fatality linked to the use of denture creams, he is not the first person to become ill while using Polident or Fixodent, a denture adhesive that is made by Proctor and Gamble. Numerous denture cream lawsuits have been filed against both manufacturers by products liability plaintiffs that have accused them of failing to warn that there are high levels of zinc in denture adhesive creams. Consumption of too much zinc can cause hypocupremia, which can lead to neurological problems and debilitating and permanent physical injuries. Some denture creams are said to expose wearers to up to 330 mg of zinc a day. This amount is lot higher than the 40 mg daily maximum that is considered safe. It wasn’t until last October that GlaxoSmithKline began including a zinc warning with its Super Poligrip product, noting the possible serious side effects. Zinc was not even listed as an ingredient in the denture cream before then. Neuropathy, which is a disorder that affects the nerves, is one of the more serious injuries that can arise from zinc poisoning. Some signs you may be suffering from neuropathy, include: • Speech difficulties • Swallowing problems • Bowel problems • Urinary difficulties • Problems with balance • Pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness in the extremities You may have grounds for filing a Miami denture cream lawsuit. Lawsuit: Deadly Dentures Killed Miami Man, NBC Miami, January 26, 2010 Related Web Resources: Symptoms of Zinc poisoning, Wrong Diagnosis

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