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Miami Bus Crash Lawsuits Filed in Deadly International Airport Collision

Already, two South Florida bus accident lawsuits have been filed in the deadly crash that occurred at Miami International Airport on December 1. Two people died and several others sustained injuries serious enough to warrant medical care at a hospital. The vehicle was transporting more than 30 members of a Jehovah’s Witness congregation to West Palm Beach at the time. According to police, bus driver Ramon Ferreiro drove the vehicle into an 8-foot-6 inch overpass. The collision sheered off the first 16 feet of the bus, caused its roof to become smashed in, and threw some passengers into broken glass and metal while ejecting others. The Miami-Dade bus accident happened even though there are big signs posted close to the overpass warning the operators of big vehicles not to enter under. The Miami Herald reports that Ferreiro, who made a wrong turn onto South Le Jeune Road, appears to have ben going too fast. He has not, however, been charged with any crime. One of the victims, Miriam Lorenza Machado is seeking Miami personal injury compensation. Machado says that the crash left her with numerous injuries to her spine, face, spleen, face, and ribs, as well as fractures, internal bleeding, disability, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, aggravation, and the reactivation of an existing health issue. She is seeking damages for medical bills, her now diminished capacity to enjoy life, lost income, nursing expenses, and other applicable causes. Machado is suing both Ferreiro and the company that owns the bus, Miami Bus Service Corp. Her legal team is accusing the bus operator of driver inattentiveness, lacking the proper qualifications and training, as well as poor trip planning. Also suing is the family of Francisco Urena, who is one of the two passengers who did not survive the crash. Their Miami wrongful death case accuses Ferreiro of failing to fulfill his duty to the passengers to exercise reasonable care. Miami Bus Accident Lawsuits Buses that are considered common carriers are obligated to make sure that they exercise a higher level of care and safety than typical motorist. Failure to exercise this duty can prove deadly for passengers and those on the road at the time of a crash. Most buses don’t have seatbelts, which means that any time there is a serious collision, occupants are at risk of being thrown around in or ejected from the bus. With so many people able to ride in a bus at the same time, the chances of further injury from occupants striking each other is also high. You want to work with a Miami bus crash law firm that is familiar with federal and state guidelines that may govern your case. Depending on what happened, there may even be multiple liable parties, such as the bus driver, the bus operating company, the owner of the bus, the party that chartered the bus, a bus manufacturer, and/or others. Lawsuit Filed in Fatal Miami International Airport Bus Crash, NBC Miami, December 7, 2012 Two Lawsuits Filed Against Driver, Bus Company In Deadly MIA Bus Crash, CBS Miami, December 7, 2012 More Blog Posts: Florida Auto Pile Up Kills 11, Injures At Least 18, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, February 2, 2012 With Safety Officials Calling For Tougher Stance Against Distracted Driving, Florida Lawmakers May Follow Their Lead, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, December 29, 2011 Will Federal Ban Barring Bus Operators and Truckers from Texting Lower the Number of Florida Truck Crashes?, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, February 2, 2010

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