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Lauderhill Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Family Says Liposuction Procedure Caused Fatal Embolism

The family of Lidvian Zelaya says they plan to file a Lauderhill wrongful death lawsuit against the plastic surgeon that performed a liposuction procedure on her. According to autopsy results, the 35-year-old woman died when fat that was being reintroduced into her body to enhance her buttocks was mistakenly injected into her blood stream, causing a blockage known as an embolism in her heart. The family’s Lauderhill medical malpractice lawyer says that the errors, which were allegedly made by the surgeon, were preventable. Likely defendants in the Lauderhill medical malpractice case include surgeon Roger Gordon and Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute. Florida Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Like with most invasive medical procedure, there are serious risks involved with plastic surgery. This is why it is important that doctors, anesthesiologists, and other medical professionals do not make any mistakes that could cause serious injuries, infection, health complications, or wrongful death. Unfortunately, plastic surgery errors can result in: • Nerve damage • Infection • Scarring • Hardened implants • Disfigurement • Nipple loss • Organ damage • Internal bleeding • Dry eyes • Breathing problems • Nasal asymmetry • Excessive skin loss • Skin resurfacing problems • Chemical burns • Permanent skin discoloration • Brain damage • Aspiration • Anesthesia complications • Necrosis • Seroma • Drooping eyes • Blood clots • Embolisms • Wrong breast implant size • Hematoma • Loss of the ability to exhibit facial expressions • Death If you believe that a medical mistake caused your loved one’s passing, you may have grounds for filing a Miami cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuit. Fla. liposuction death caused by embolism, UPI, May 2, 2011 Related Web Resources: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery More Blog Posts: Florida Judge Who Intends to File West Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Surgeons and Radiologist Says Sponge was Left Inside His Body, Florida Injury Attorney, September 29, 2010 Parents of teen who died following breast surgery file Palm Beach County wrongful death lawsuit alleging Florida medical malpractice, Florida Injury Attorney, September 23, 2009 Seven Patients of West Palm Beach Doctor Charged With Illegally Prescribing Pain Medicine Reportedly Died of Drug Overdoses, Florida Injury Attorney, October 7, 2008

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