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Florida Widow Sues Tractor-Trailer Driver for Wrongful Death of Motorcyclist

In Fort Pierce, Florida, Jennifer Powers, the widow of Timothy Powers, a Vero Beach motorcycle rider who died last January when he was truck by a tractor-trailer rig on US 1 is suing truck driver Felix Villa and Torres Trucking & Tree Hauling Corp., the company Villa was working for, for wrongful death. Timothy, 49, died at the scene. The morning fog was heavy on January 24 and the Florida Highway Patrol say the motorcyclist was not able to see the truck due to low visibility. The FHP says Timothy tried to put his motorcycle safely down but flew off the bike when the truck hit him. The heavy fog was also the reason that the St. Lucie County Fire District could not send a rescue helicopter to the accident site. Jennifer alleges that Villa acted negligently to cause her husband’s death and she is accusing Torres Trucking of vicarious liability. Her lawsuit doesn’t specify a specific damage amount. If you were hurt or someone you love died in a tractor-trailer accident in Florida, you need to retain the services of an experienced South Florida truck crash law firm that knows how to investigate your truck crash case and pursue recovery from all liable parties. Truck crash claims can be complex cases, and liable parties may include: • The truck driver • The truck company • The owner of the truck • A truck leasing company • The truck manufacturer • The truck shipper • The manufacturer of a defective truck part • Other motorists Truck crash accidents will usually result in serious injuries, especially for motorcyclists and pedestrians that have no protection from the physical impact of getting hit by a tractor-trailer, big rig truck, 18-wheeler truck, or large garbage truck. Our South Florida truck crash lawyers can help you explore your legal options. If we agree to work together, we will begin investigating your case, including examine all the evidence and assess your injuries, and take action to get your compensation. Related Web Resource: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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