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Family Vows to Take West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleging Police Brutality to US Supreme Court if Necessary

It’s been four years since Donald Lewis died from what his family is alleging was police brutality. The West Palm Beach Police officers accused of suing excessive force were never criminally charged over the incident, which was captured on video. Lewis’s family took matters in their own hands and sued West Palm Beach for Florida wrongful death in 2006. The US District Court threw out the case, which then was rejected by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Lewis’s family, however, refuses to give up and is vowing to take the case to the US Supreme Court if necessary. To the family, the video footage displays volumes about what they believe happened that night. Police reports indicate that in 2005, Officer Raymond Shaw, accompanied by a “COPS” TV film crew, responded to a call at Lewis’ residence. Lewis, who was on drugs, told the police officer that someone was attempting to murder him. Police tried to restrain Lewis as he struggled. After several minutes of being held down, Lewis stopped breathing. Police tried to revive him with CPR but he was dead by the time he arrived at the hospital. While an investigation found that the police officers did not use excessive force and that drug use contributed to Lewis’ death, his family disagrees. The COPS raw footage shows five officers using chokeholds, handcuffs, leg restraints, and a hobble cord to restrain Lewis. A sergeant is heard asking the other cops if they had reached the “state of unconscioiusness.” This video never aired on the TV show. One prominent medical expert, Dr. Michael Baden, says he believes Lewis died from asphyxia caused by neck compression while police restrained him. He is calling the death a homicide. Florida Wrongful Death Police brutality can lead to injuries and death. While it is up to prosecutors to decide whether to criminally charge a cop for using excessive force, you can decide whether to sue for West Palm Beach personal injury or wrongful death. Examples of Police Brutality: • Physical violence • Sexual assault • Verbal abuse • Emotional abuse • Unlawful arrests • Using force to restrain a suspect • Intimidation • Making threats • Torture Related Web Resources: PoliceCrimes.org

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