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Broward County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Home Care Provider Alleging Elder Financial Fraud and the Murder of 89-Year-Old Woman

Gary Uretsky, a Fort Lauderdale resident, is suing home-care provider Almost Family for Broward County wrongful death. Uretsky’s 89-year-old mother died while under the care of home-care nurse Dina Taylor. The plaintiff is alleging gross nursing negligence, elder financial fraud, homicide, multiple thefts, inadequate supervision, and negligent hiring. According to Uretsky, between November 2006 and into the summer of 2008 Taylor stole over $215,000 from his sick mother’s savings. He contends contends that after his mother discovered the Florida elder financial fraud, Taylor disconnected the elderly woman’s oxygen tank and left the patient to die of asphyxiation. The nurse has since disappeared. In his Broward County elder abuse complaint, Uretsky claims that he attempted to see his mother on the day that she passed away but that Taylor wouldn’t let him. He claims that Taylor was covering up the fact that she had murdered his mother. Uretsky says that after his mother’s death he found 37 forged checks and a number of bogus withdrawals that had emptied out her savings account. $50,000 in gems and jewelry has also allegedly disappeared. Uretsky says that some $18,000 was charged to his mother’s credit cards. Uretsky says that his mother did not feel comfortable with Taylor but that his requests to the home-care company that she be replaced with another nurse were ignored. Nursing homes and home-care providers can find themselves the defendants of a South Florida wrongful death lawsuit if negligent nursing care, inadequate supervision, medical mistakes, nursing abuse, nursing neglect, or other negligent acts by employees causes a patient to die. Related Web Resources: Wrongful Death Claims, Nolo Elder Financial Abuse, NCPEA Elder Abuse and Neglect, HelpGuide.org

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