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Broward County Mother Sues Florida’s Department of Children & Families for Son’s Wrongful Death

In Florida, Kareen Dryden, the mother of Dean McGregor, a 7-year-old boy who died from blunt force injuries, is suing the Department of Children & Families and ChildNet, its contracted foster care agency, for his wrongful death. Dryden is accusing the two agencies of failing to investigate allegations that Dean's father, Desmond McGregor, was abusing the boy, and neglecting to protect Dean and his brothers from the abuse. Dean died in July 2006 following a severe head injury caused by blunt force that left him clinically brain dead. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the cause of his injuries. No one has been arrested in connection to his death. A Florida judge had awarded custody of Dean, who was a twin, and his two brothers to their father after Kareen was arrested on felony child neglect charges. At the time, Desmond McGregor already had a criminal record, which included a charge for aggravated battery. In 2005, the DCF’s abuse hotline received a report from a caseworker that Desmond’s girlfriend had disciplined Dean with a belt. During an examination following the abuse report, Dean told state doctors that his father hit him with a belt and he had neck and back injuries. In 2006, Florida’s Child Protection Team confirmed abuse, failure to protect, and failure to provide safe environment. The kids remained in their father’s custody. The Florida wrongful death lawsuit accuses the defendants of knowing the boys were in danger but failing to remove them from their father’s home. This latest lawsuit against the DCF comes soon after Florida lawmakers approved a claims bill granting 9-year-old Marissa Amora $18.2 million for traumatic brain injuries she sustained when the DCF allowed the girl, then 2, to return to her biological mother even though there were signs she was being abused. A jury initially awarded Amora’s adoptive family $26 million. Our South Florida wrongful death law firm has helped many families recover compensation for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones. We are dedicated to protecting you and your right to recovery. Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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