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Broward County Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed in Woman’s Liposuction Death

Kellee J. Lee-Howard’s family is suing surgeon Alberto Sant Antonio for Broward County plastic surgery malpractice. They are alleging Florida wrongful death. Lee-Howard died on February 14, 2010 one day after undergoing liposuction surgery. In their Broward County, Florida surgical malpractice complaint, her family is claiming that Sant Antonio improperly gave her the lidocaine and this caused her death. This summer, Sant Antonio was barred from performing further surgeries after another patient died during liposuction. Maria Shortall stopped breathing right after fat was sucked from her middle area and injected into her backside. Fat pieces entered into her bloodstream, preventing blood from going into her lungs, and that is when her heart stopped. Shortall’s family is also blaming Sant Antonio. They claim that the Alyne Medical Rejuvenation Institute, where she underwent the procedure, did not have all of the equipment that the state requires and there was no one present trained to handle the emergency medical situation that arose. The state found that the liposuction procedure was too complicated to be performed at the Weston clinic. Sant Antonio is not board certified to perform plastic surgeries. He also lacks the qualifications to administer anesthesia or deal with the side effects. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of physicians who are performing procedures that are beyond their qualifications or scope of training. One reason for this is that state laws regarding office-based surgeries are usually not strict. For example, in the area of plastic surgery, there are some doctors that perform cosmetic procedures after observing other doctors for a couple of days. USA Today even reports that there are dentists performing breast implants, gynecologists doing tummy tuck procedures, and radiologists performing liposuction. The media publication notes that there are even doctors, such as family practitioner Anil Gandhi, who teach themselves how to do plastic surgery. Gandhi, who can no longer do less “superficial” procedures, now performs breast augmentation surgery. He also trains other doctors that aren’t plastic surgeons on performing cosmetic procedures. That said, there are qualified, trained plastic surgeons that have been known to make serious medical mistakes resulting in serious injuries or deaths. Medical professionals owe patients a duty of care to provide a certain level of service that minimizes the chances of errors. Examples of plastic surgery injuries that can result in Weston medical malpractice: • Dry eyes • Disfigurement • Infection • Blood clots • Traumatic brain injury • Cardiac arrest • Anesthesia complications • Inserting the wrong implant size in a patient • Over-correction • Resurfacing complications • Seroma • Necrosis • Scarring • Rippling • Encapsulation • Asymmetry • Breast implant defects • Loss of nipple cover • Changes to nipple sensation • Removal of too much skin • Abdominal perforations • Emotional injuries • Organ penetration • Skin discoloration • Death Lack of training can be deadly in cosmetic surgery, USA Today, September 15, 2011 Fat tissue from plastic surgery killed Davie woman, autopsy shows, Sun-Sentinel, September 16, 2011 More Blog Posts: Miami Medical Malpractice: Wrong Site Surgeries Can Lead to Catastrophic Consequences, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, October 6, 2011 $9M Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Seeks Damages from Obstetrician and Ultrasound Clinics, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 1, 2011 Florida Laparoscopic Malpractice: When Small Incisions Lead to Large Injuries, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 28, 2011

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