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$2.4M Palm Beach County Wrongful Death Verdict Awarded to 87-Year-Old Lake Worth Widow

A jury has awarded 87-year-old Mary Tullo $2.47 million for her husband’s lung cancer death. The Palm Beach County wrongful death verdict was issued against Philip Morris, the Liggett Group, and Lorillard Tobacco. Tobacco company RJ Reynolds was cleared of any wrongdoing related to the death of Tullo’s husband Dominick Tullo in 1998 at age 74. Dominick smoked Parliament cigarettes during the last 30 years of his life, which is why cigarette maker Philip Morris will pay most of the damages at $2 million. Lorillard Tobacco and the Liggett Group, who were found 5% liable for making the other cigaratte brands that Dominick smoked, each will pay $225,000. The jury found Domnick 45% responsible for his death, which is why Mary is receiving $2.47 million rather than $4.5 million. In this South Florida tobacco lawsuit, the plaintiff’s attorneys were adamant that cigarette manufacturers lied about the dangers from smoking, including the publication of a 1954 ad that was placed in close to 250 US newspapers by tobacco manufactures, whose “Frank Statement” maintained that cigarettes were safe to smoke. Mary Tullo’s Palm Beach County tobacco lawsuit is an Engle progeny case. There are 300 Palm Beach County tobacco case and 8,000 cases in Florida stemming from the Miami-Dade class action case that in 1999 awarded plaintiffs $145 billion. The Florida Supreme Court threw out the award in 2006 and decided that each plaintiff must file a separate case. Of the 29 cases that have gone to trial, plaintiffs have won in 26 of the lawsuits. Smoking Cigarettes Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, heart attacks, emphysema, bronchitis, other health complications, and death. Unfortunately, for years tobacco companies did not notify people of the addictive properties of cigarettes or the health issues that can result. When the complications became publicly known, many smokers who had already become addicted were unable to stop. Palm Beach County tobacco trial begins, SunSentinel, March 31, 2011 Related Web Resources: Office of the Surgeon General More Blog Posts: $3.375 Million Florida Wrongful Death Verdict Awarded in Tobacco Lawsuit Against Philip Morris USA and RJ Reynolds, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, March 1, 2011 Palm Beach Tobacco Litigation: Smokers’s Widow Gets $2.2M Award and $270K in Punitive Damages from Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 1, 2011 Florida Tobacco Litigation: Jury Awards $26.6 Million Ft Lauderdale Wrongful Death Verdict to Widow of Smoker who Died from Lung Cancer, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 1, 2011

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