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Woman Injured in Florida Truck Accident Awarded $2 Million in Insurance Dispute Against State Farm

A jury is ordering State Farm to pay Cynthia Deen $2 million for her Florida truck crash injuries. State Farm is her insurer. Deen sustained debilitating and painful injuries, including several herniated discs in her neck, when an air conditioning truck struck her car at the intersection of U.S. 17 and Fleming Island Parkway in 2007. Deen, who was slowing down at a traffic signal, says the truck driver never slowed down his vehicle. Apparently, per court testimony, the trucker fell asleep at the wheel, which resulted in the rear-end crash with Deen’s vehicle. His company, who was insured with AIG, was able to cover $500,000 of Deen’s medical costs. Deen’s lawyers asked State Farm to pay her $300,000, her policy limit for uninsured motorist coverage. The insurance company refused, offering instead to pay her $225,000. The case then went to court. During the trial, State Farm argued that Deen’s ruptured discs were a pre-existing condition that were a result of spine degeneration and that she had exaggerated her claims of pain. Deen says that since the Florida truck accident her ability to work for The Caption Co., her court reporting business, has been severely limited as she can no longer sit and type for long periods. The $2M judgment will be offset by the amount that AIG is paying Deen. Herniated Discs Discs around the vertebrae are supposed to act as shock absorbers. When there is damage to the disc, pain, weakness, and numbness can result. A herniated disc can be extremely debilitating and can severely limit one’s movement. Miami Car Accidents Under Florida law, uninsured motorist coverage must also cover underinsured motorists. Also, the state’s Personal Injury Protection law covers a victim’s damages up to his/her policy limits regardless of who caused the Miami car accident. This, however, does not necessarily preclude a victim from being able to file a Miami, Florida personal injury lawsuit. Jacksonville jury awards woman nearly $2 million in insurance case, Cynthia Deen, June 19, 2010 Herniated Disc - Topic Overview, WebMD Related Web Resources: What is "Personal Injury Protection" (PIP) insurance?, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Drowsy Driving

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