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Florida Truck Accident Risk Multiplied by 23 When Truckers Text and Drive

Florida lawmakers want to ban texting while driving. Although a Florida bill has failed twice before the state’s legislature, representatives are hoping that a third try will turn the bill into state law. The safety risks associated with driving are no longer a surprise. We regularly read in the news about traffic accidents that occur throughout the US because drivers were texting while driving. Just last Wednesday, three people got hurt when a tow truck struck the car they were riding in. The impact of the truck collision caused the car to land in a resident’s private pool. Police say that the truck driver was texting and talking on the cell phone when the truck accident happened. Wednesday’s truck crash occurred during the same week that the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute revealed that truck drivers that text while driving increase their chances of being involved in a truck accident by 23 times. The study found that using one’s hands to feel around the truck cab for an electronic device is the second most dangerous trucker distraction, and dialing a cell phone landed at number three on the list. What's primarily so dangerous about these three activities is that truckers have to take their eyes off the road to do them. Not looking at the road for more than 2 seconds while driving is considered dangerous—and the VTTI study found that truck drivers have been known to spend about 4.5 seconds glancing at their electronic devices. 203 truck drivers who operated 55 trucks participated in the study. The truckers drove about 3 million miles. Cameras were installed in trucks, and video footage was shot depicting the final seconds before truck accidents and near collisions. On July 29, US lawmakers put forward a bill calling for all states to ban all drivers from texting while driving or faced reduced funding for transportation projects from the federal government. In addition to currently not having a statewide ban on texting while driving, Florida is one of the US states that does not have any laws restricting cell phone use while driving. Texting and talking on a cell phone while driving are both extremely dangerous forms of distracted driving that are known to cause catastrophic injuries to victims. If you were injured in a Florida truck crash in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, or any other South Florida city because a driver was distracted, drunk, driving under the influence of drugs, or negligent in any other way, contact our Miami personal injury lawyers today. Texting Top Driver Distraction, New Va. Tech Study Finds, Transport Topics, August 3, 2009 Cops: Texting tow truck driver lands in pool, ABC Local, July 30, 2009 Related Web Resources: Cell Phone Driving Laws, Governors Highway Safety Association Florida Cell-Phone Laws Update 2009, DrivingLaws.org

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