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Dump Truck Driver Killed in Florida Train Crash During Intersection Collision

A 44-year-old dump truck driver was killed today when his vehicle was struck by an Amtrak train that was heading to Miami. The deadly Florida train accident happened at an intersection south of Orlando. The impact of the collision was so forceful that the dump truck, which was transporting rocks, broke in two and the trailer and the cab became disconnected. The truck driver, 44-year-old Seeram Matadial, was thrown from the truck and died immediately. On the train, two crew members sustained injuries from accident, while at least 15 passengers were evaluated and treated for minor injuries at the scene. 10 were sent to hospitals as a precautionary measure. According to Florida Highway Patrol, the train was moving at about 60 mph, which is 10 miles under the posted speed limit for trains in that area. The truck-train crash happened at an uncontrolled intersection. Currently, there are signs warning that this is a railroad crossing but there are no signals or arm bars to warn when a train is approaching. This area of track belongs to the Florida Department of Transportation. A spokesperson for the state department noted, however, that there is a stop sign mandating that drivers stop and look in both directions before going through. Crossing arms and flashing lights are scheduled to be installed at this particular intersection next year. Florida Train Accidents If you or someone you love was injured in a South Florida train accident, please contact Trop and Ameen, PA, today. Our Miami personal injury law firm represents clients throughout the region and we would be happy to provide you with a free case evaluation. Train collisions often result in multiple injuries because so many people are usually involved. Victims may include train passengers, pedestrians, train workers, railroad employees, and/or the occupants of any other vehicles involved. Common causes of train crashes include: • Driver distraction • Speeding • Train equipment malfunction • Derailment • Operator fatigue • Poorly designated rail crossings • Poor visibility around intersection crossings • Malfunctioning crossing equipment • Pedestrian inattention • Failure by operator to warn that a train is approaching • Trains parked so close to a crossing that they block the view of oncoming trains. You want to work with a Hollywood, Florida injury law firm that is experienced in handling train crash cases. Depending on who/what caused the accident, possible liable parties may include the public entity or company that owns/runs the train, the train track owner, engineers, the manufacturer of any equipment that malfunctioned, the driver of the other vehicle involved, and others. Amtrak Train Crashes Into Dump Truck Outside Orlando, CBS Miami, November 29, 2012 More Blog Posts: Florida Supreme Court Rules on 2005 Palm Beach County Car Accident Lawsuit to Find that Second Driver in a Rear-End Crash Isn’t Always the Only One At Fault, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, November 23, 2012 Pro Golfer’s Son Sustains Head Injuries in Palm Beach County Semi-Truck Crash, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, December 2, 2011 South Florida Pickup Truck Crash Kills 2 Broward County Teens, Injures Four Others, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, April 20, 2011 Train crash lawsuits tend to be more complicated than vehicle collision cases involving autos. This is just one reason why you want to secure good legal representation right away. The sooner your Palm Beach train accident lawyer can start working on your case, the better.

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