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Latest Available Data Names Florida Among the States Where Truckers and Bus Drivers Received the Most Sanctions for Breaking Medical Regulations

A House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee study about medically unfit truckers is expected to be released at a hearing this week. Among the findings was the discovery that truckers that suffer from health problems that could make them dangerous drivers have no incentive to get a legitimate medical certificate. The study examined 614 medical certificates from truckers in Illinois, California, and Ohio. The examiners could only verify 407 of these certificates. A safety study, obtained by the Associated Press, found that there are hundreds of thousands of truckers on the road with health issues that could cause them to have seizures, blackouts, and heart attacks. These motorists continue to drive their large vehicles despite the fact that they are at risk for causing deadly traffic accidents. In 2006, the Transportation Department reported 7.3 million commercial driver violations. The data named Florida as one of 12 US States where truckers received the most sanctions for breaking medical regulations. The National Safety Transportation Board wants examiners to set up a system for being able to track medical applications, identify the drivers with medical conditions, and prevent truckers from doctor shopping. Truck Accident Causes Truck drivers suffering health issues while driving is a leading case of serious motor vehicle crashes. Drivers without health issues that fall asleep is another common cause of trucking collisions. Transportation Department statistics show that 5,300 people were killed and 126,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents involving buses or large trucks in 2006. In South Florida, our truck crash attorneys know how to protect our clients’ rights against truckers and trucking companies. We have helped many injured victims and their families recover personal injury compensation for their injuries, pain and suffer, and medical expenses. Related Web Resources: Transportation and Infrastructure Committee National Transportation Safety Board US Department of Transportation Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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