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Pro Golfer’s Son Sustains Head Injuries in Palm Beach County Semi-Truck Crash

Devon Quigley, the son of PGA golfer Dana Quigley, sustained serious head injuries when his BMW crashed into the back of a semi-truck on Wednesday. The 27-year-old was going home to West Palm Beach at around 11:15pm when the Riviera Beach truck accident happened. Police are trying to determine what happened and who was at fault. Photographs of the Palm Beach County semi-truck crash show Dana’s car driving under the rear end of the truck. Truck Underride Crashes According to statistics, over 350 people a year are killed in truck underride accidents. Truck underride accidents usually involve a smaller vehicle sliding underneath the front, side, or back of a truck during a collision. This can prove catastrophic for the occupants of the smaller vehicle, who may be crushed or beheaded from going under the truck. Although sometimes truck underride crashes are the fault of a negligent driver, they can also occur because the other driver committed an error. However, even if that happens to be the case, there is the possibility that the truck may have been outfitted with inadequate protections that failed to prevent this type of truck crash from happening. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, when it tested rear impact guards that met US safety standards, they gave way during crashes. This allowed a smaller vehicle, which was going a mere 35 miles an hour, to drive right under the trailer. The IIHS says that if anyone had been in the auto at the time, he/she would never have survived. In real life, if a Palm Beach truck underride crash could have been prevented if only sturdier rear-end guards had been in place, there could be grounds for a Florida products liability case against the truck manufacturer or the underride guard maker. Anyone injured in this or any type of Palm Beach County motor vehicle crash should contact an experienced Riviera Beach personal injury law firm right away. Truck Underride Accidents: Drivers Endangered When Cars Slide Under Trailers, ABC, March 1, 2011 Underride guards on big rigs often fail in crashes; Institute petitions government for new standard, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, March 1, 2011 More Blog Posts: Preventing Florida Truck Accidents: NTSB Recommends Banning Commercial Drivers from Texting and Cell Phone use While Driving, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 14, 2011 Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit Blames Volusia County for Truck Accident on Beach that Killed 4-Year-Old, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, August 11, 2011 South Florida Pickup Truck Crash Kills 2 Broward County Teens, Injures Four Others, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, April 20, 2011 The sooner you retain the services of an experienced Palm Beach truck crash law firm, the better it will be in terms of your lawyer being able to look at evidence that is still fresh. Because Florida follows a comparative negligence system, even if a victim is found partially at fault for the crash, the other party or parties can still be held liable for the percentage of liability that a jury allots to them. Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, PA today.

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