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NuvaRing “Science Day” Will Discuss Alleged Blood Clot-Related Injuries in Women Who Have Sued Birth Control Device Manufacturer Organon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

On December 1, US District Judge Rodney W. Sipple has scheduled a “Science Day” so that plaintiffs and NuvaRing device maker Organon Pharmaceuticals Inc. can present their perspectives about the alleged side effects that may occur when a woman uses the contraceptive ring. Already, women who say they were injured or the family members of those who have died from using NuvaRing have filed more than 100 defective medical device lawsuits alleging personal injury or wrongful death. Plaintiffs have said that the contraception caused blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, or death. The plaintiffs contend that the medical device manufacture did not properly research the birth control ring or provide enough warning that use of NuvaRing could lead to blood clot injuries. In a recent NuvaRing lawsuit, a 32-year-old woman died in December 2007 after she had a seizure. Her cause of death was pulmonary thromboemboli because of deep vein thrombosis. She had started using NuvaRing in May of that year. Other dangerous side effects linked to NuvaRing: • Irregular bleeding • Increased risk of gallbladder disease or breast cancer • Abdominal pain • Chest pain • Lower leg pain • Swollen ankles • Vomiting • Vision problems • Can cause complications if person is already suffering from diabetes, heart condition, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol Some 1.5 million women around the world use NuvaRing. The ring-shaped contraception, which is inserted in the vagina releases estrogen and etonogestrel, which are both hormones, into the bloodstream. The birth control ring, when used correctly, is supposed to be 98-99% successful at preventing pregnancy. Our defective medical device lawyers and South Florida personal injury attorneys represent women who sustained blood clots or suffered other serious health complications because of NuvaRing. If you were injured or got sick because you were using NuvaRing for contraception, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. NuvaRing Side Effects and Science Information to be Presented to MDL Court, About Lawsuits, August 21, 2009 Related Web Resources: NuvaRing Is NuvaRing Dangerous?, Mother Jones, May/June 2009

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