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Florida Defective Medical Device?: DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement System Also Reportedly Causing Problems for Some Patients

Although Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. have not recalled the DePuy Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System, the US Food and Drug Administration says that it has received reports indicating similar problems as those involving the DePuy ASR hip implants, which were recalled last year. As with the DePuy’s ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing Systems, complaints made about the DePuy Pinancle systems involve hip implant failure, dislocation, metal poisoning, and physical pain. Some patients also have had to undergo hip revision surgery. Other patients say they’ve sustained permanent injuries. Throughout South Florida, our Fort Lauderdale hip implant lawyers represent clients who suffered injuries, health complications, and/or had to undergo yet another surgery because this medical device has failed. Undergoing hip replacement surgery can be challenging enough—especially if the patient is an older senior who may have other health complications. To have to undergo a second one so soon after is not only painful, but also it can be physically and emotionally taxing. Any time a patient undergoes surgery there is always the chance of additional health complications. Already, a number of people have filed DePuy hip implant awsuits over their injuries and health complications. DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Last year’s recall was announced after the National Joint Registry (NJR) of England and Wales discovered that within five years of the original implant procedure, one out of every eight patients ended up having revision surgery. Some 93,000 people reportedly had been fitted with the recalled product. This month, the National Hip Recall Registry put out a new alert to DePuy ASR users warning that the hip replacement rate may be even four times greater than originally thought. Symptoms indicating your hip implant device may be defective or failing: • You have a hard time walking • Walking is painful • The implant has become dislocated • Blood test results show that there are microscopic metal particles in your system • Swelling For your free consultation, contact our Miami hip implant law firm today. Related Web Resources: National Joint Registry National Hip Recall Registry Issues New DePuy Hip Replacement Alert, March 24, 2011

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