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Woman Sues City of Palm Beach, Florida For Golf Ball Injury

A woman who is now blind because a golf ball hit her eye is suing the city of Palm Beach, Florida for personal injury. Katherine Georgas, 39, was walking on a bike path next to South Ocean Boulevard with her husband last May when the golf ball came flying at her from the Par-3 Golf Course. Carole Maddox, the Florida golfer who hit the errant ball, is also named in the personal injury lawsuit. Georgas, a Palm Beach and Connecticut resident, compared the impact of the ball to being “hit by a lighting bolt” and calls the incident the “worst pain she has ever experienced. She underwent major surgery and painful rehabilitation to repair the damage. Georgas said that she had to sleep face down on a massage table for a while because she was unable to raise her head. Her medical expenses for the injury have reached the six figures. Georgas is now legally blind because of the “severe and permanent” injury. Georgas says that the city of Palm Beach should have installed landscaping, nets, fences and warning signs to protect pedestrians and motorists from flying golf balls. The Par-3 Golf Course is located next to the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The Palm Beach Police Department has documented nine reported incidents of golf balls coming from the course and striking people or motor vehicles. Auto windshields were damaged in several instances. Georgas says that Maddox, who considers herself an erratic golfer, should have issued a warning regarding the errant ball. Premises Liability Cases The owners and managers of premises are supposed to make sure that there are no unsafe or dangerous conditions on a premise that can cause injury or harm to others. When failure to repair or remedy an unsafe (or failure to warn of the hazardous condition) results in injury or death, the injury victim may have grounds to sue for damages by filing a premises liability case. Common Kinds of Premises Liability Cases Include: • Slip and fall accidents • Inadequate security-related crimes • Dog attacks • Falling merchandise cases • Injuries caused by hidden hazards or dangerous conditions on a premise Our Florida premises liability law firm would be happy to discuss your injury case with you. You may be able to obtain personal injury compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and other costs. Related Web Resources: Golfers be fore-warned: If a ball smacks your head, see your doctor, CNN.com, May 21, 1999 The Par-3 Golf Course, Palm Beach G.C. Contact the personal injury law firm of The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today and ask to speak with one of our Florida premises liability lawyers.

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