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Woman Files Hollywood, Florida Injury Lawsuit Accusing Former Dallas Cowboys Player Michael Irvine of Rape

Earlier this month, a woman filed a Broward County, Florida personal injury lawsuit accusing Michael Irvine, the former NFL star of the Dallas Cowboys, of sexually assaulting her at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. She is seeking unspecified damages for the rape that allegedly occurred on July 2007. Seminole tribal police were notified two weeks after the alleged incident, and the victim went on to sign a waiver of prosecution. The Broward State Attorney’s office is continuing to investigate the sexual assault allegations but no criminal charges have so far been filed. The plaintiff claims that Irvin was drunk on the night that he took her to his hotel room and insisted that she give him and another man sexual favors. She is accusing the former NFL star of raping her. She claims the other man made her perform oral sex. Irvin has responded to the woman’s allegations by filing a $100 million lawsuit naming her as a defendant for allegedly trying to ruin his reputation. He filed his complaint on the day that he was let go from his ESPN radio show. In 1996, Irvin was one of two Dallas Cowboys players accused of raping another woman. However, following an investigation, the woman recanted her allegations after the story was discovered to be false. Hollywood, Florida Personal Injury If you were the victim of a violent crime or a sexual crime, you may have grounds for suing your attacker for Florida personal injury. Filing a Broward County injury case is separate from any criminal case that might be pursued by prosecutors. Even if your assailant isn’t charged in criminal court, you may still be able to recover damages for physical injuries, pain and suffering, mental trauma, emotional anguish, medical bills, and other associated costs. Woman's lawsuit claims Michael Irvin assaulted her, NBC/Associated Press, February 5, 2010 Related Web Resources: Florida Personal Injury Law: General, WebLocator Types of Personal Injury Damages, Justia Michael Irvin

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