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Palm Beach Injury Lawsuit Sues Shell Oil and Circle K for Man’s Burn Injuries from Gas Station Fire

A deputy sheriff with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is suing several companies for Florida personal injury. Richard Ragali sustained burn injuries on over 60% of his body while at a Marathon gas station last month. The 53-year-old Jupiter resident’s body caught fire on October 2 as he pulled his motorcycle into the gas station. The motorcycle slid on a gas puddle, causing sparks to fly and flames to ignite. Ragali sustained second- and third- degree burns and is undergoing physical therapy and getting skin grafts in the burn unit of a Miami hospital. His Palm Beach injury lawyer says his feet and face are the only parts of his body that weren’t burned. The defendants named in Ragali’s Palm Beach County, Florida premises liability lawsuit are Circle K Corp, Circle K Stores Inc., Circle K store No. 2386, Shell Oil Products Co, Shell Oil Corp, and Motica Enterprises LLC. Ragali’s Florida injury complaint contends that the defendants knew there were hazardous gas remnants on the property and they should have exercised reasonable care when inspecting, supplying, repairing, and maintaining the gas station and gas pumps. He is seeking damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, permanent disability, bodily injury, loss of the capacity to earn money, loss of the capacity to enjoy life, medical bills, and nursing expenses. Gas Station Accidents: Gasoline companies and gas station owners are aware of how dangerous a gas station can be for patrons in the event of a gas leak occur or a fire. While customer carelessness can cause gas station fires, the premise owner and other responsible parties must make sure patrons are warned of possible hazards. Also, any necessary maintenance work and repairs to prevent injury accidents must be conducted. Some 4.5 million burn deaths caused by gasoline fires happen each year. Another 10,000 fatalities are from infections sustained by the burn wounds. Burn injuries are extremely painful and can lead to permanent disfigurement and scarring. Recovery, when possible, can take months. Related Web Resources: International Society for Burn Injuries

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