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$158,611 Palm Beach County Personal Injury Verdict Awarded to Boca Raton Student Beaten in 2010 Bullying Incident on School Bus

A jury has awarded $158,611 to student Alex Palermo in his family’s Palm Beach County personal injury case against the School Board. Palermo, then 13 and an a Boca Raton Middle School eighth grader, was beaten by another student while riding the school bus home on April 6, 2010. Palermo is autistic. The incident was recorded on the bus’s video equipment. Palermo’s family contends that the bus driver failed to take action to prevent the violence. Video from the bus shows Palermo being taunted, as gum was placed in his hair and wet fingers were inserted into his ears prior and then the other student hitting Palermo on the head three times while the other passengers watched. Following the bullying incident, he was diagnosed with a concussion and a fractured eye socket. According to Palermo’s mother, Kim, he then had to undergo emergency surgery because his eyeball was no longer able to move fully and was causing him a great deal of pain. According to the Family’s Palm Beach wrongful death lawyer, Palermo, now 16, continues to suffer from permanent facial numbness and occasional blurry and double vision. His mother says that Palermo is now afraid of buses. During the trial, the defense tried to blame Palermo for at least part of the altercation, arguing that he had been confrontational. They also said that the driver did maintain control over the students in the bus. The jury is ordering the School Board to pay $50,000 for future pain and suffering, $75,000 for past pain and suffering, and $33,611 to cover his medical bills. With bullying and other violent crimes becoming a less uncommon occurrence at schools these days, it is important that school officials and staff implement adequate supervision, security, and disciplinary measures to discourage these types of incidents, prevent future one from occurring, and protect kids from harm. Bullying can lead to serious consequences, including serious Boca Raton personal injury and wrongful death, including suicide. Lasting emotional trauma may also result. We can no longer disregard mean behavior perpetuated between kids and assume that such actions harmless because of their youth. If your child was injured while under the supervision of his/her school and you think that officials or staff could/should have prevented the incident from happening or failed to provide sufficient protective measures beforehand, you will want to speak with an experienced Palm Beach County injury law firm. Even if no criminal charges are filed against the other party, you still may be able to recover civil damages for the harm that your child has suffered. You and your child may also be entitled to Florida personal injury damages if he/she was injured on school grounds because of a hazard on the premise or another type of accident that happened that could/should have been prevented. Jury: School Board negligent in 2010 bus beating, Sun-Sentinel, October 23, 2012 More Blog Posts: Teen Drivers Continue to Text Despite Knowing the Dangers, Reports Liberty Mutual and SADD Study, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, October 20, 2011 Drunk Driving May Have Been a Factor in Palm Beach Garden Car Crash That Killed One Teen & Sent Four People to the Hospital, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 30, 2011 Miami-Dade Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Homestead Day Care in Toddler’s Death, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 14, 2011

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