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Two Naples Pedestrians Injured By Hit & Run Drivers in Florida

In Collier County, Florida, two men sustained serious injuries when they were struck by two motor vehicles on February 2. Naples residents Ernesto Perez, 34, and Juan Domingo, 32, were walking on Santa Barbara Boulevard at about 2am, when either one or both of them was hit by a 2002 GMC Sierra driven by Ryan Helms, 22. Both men were then struck by a white Ford pickup truck. The Florida Highway Patrol says that both vehicles left the accident scene after striking the two pedestrians. Helms was later apprehended on Weber Boulevard close to 1st Avenue. Police have charged him with leaving the accident and DUI. Anyone who leaves the scene of a motor vehicle accident or is apprehended for drunk driving in Florida is subject to criminal charges upon arrest. If a hit and run motorist or a drunk driver injures or kills another person during the accident, he or she may be named as the defendant of a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit. Although Florida’s mandatory No-Fault (PIP) insurance coverage provides some coverage to drivers and others injured in motor vehicle accidents, there are many instances when personal injury claims must still be filed to compensate the injured person for their injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other costs. Our Florida auto accident law firm has handled many Naples personal injury cases for motorists, pedestrians, and other injury victims in South Florida. Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents tend to sustain serious—if not fatal—injuries. Unlike car drivers, bus drivers, and truckers, pedestrians have no protection from the impact and speed of a collision involving a motor vehicle. Massive head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, severed limbs, other serious injuries, and even death can result. Causes of Pedestrian Accidents Include: • Speeding • Drunk driving • Driver inattention • Driver negligence • Defective auto or motor vehicle parts • Falling cargo from a motor vehicle • Uneven pavements that can cause a pedestrian to slip and fall onto a busy street Related Web Resources: Florida Highway Patrol FAQs on Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Contact the South Florida personal injury law firm of The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today to schedule your free case evaluation with one of our pedestrian accident lawyers.