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Miami Nursing Negligence Lawsuit Claims Paraplegic Patient Was Sodomized in His Home

A private nursing patient is suing A.S.A. Home Care, Inc. for Miami nursing negligence. A private nursing patient is suing A.S.A. Home Care, Inc. for Miami nursing negligence. The patient, who is a paraplegic, claims that a male home health care nurse assaulted him. The plaintiff, known as John Doe, says he rebuffed the nurse’s sexual advances right away. Yet, per the Miami personal injury complaint, the nurse persisted, showing the patient porn and giving him a sex toy. The plaintiff says the nurse would take longer than the other nurses to replace his bandages when treating a wound on his back close to his buttock. Although he couldn’t feel or see what was happening, the plaintiff said he felt unusual sensations in the genital area. John Doe also says that the nurse sodomized him in 2008. Per the Miami nursing negligence lawsuit, when confronted the nurse begged the patient not to report what happened. The plaintiff is accusing ASA of failing to properly supervise or investigate complaints made about the nurse and not providing a patient with a secure and safe environment. The plaintiff is claiming severe physical, mental, and emotional injuries, humiliation, and shame. He is seeking over $5M in Miami, Florida personal injury damages. Sexual Assault of Nursing Home Patients Unfortunately, nursing home patients, both those receiving private care and assisted living facility care, are vulnerable to abuse and neglect from caregivers. It is the job of assisted living facilities and home care companies to carefully screen the people that they hire to minimize the chance of Miami nursing abuse occurring. Nursing patients require specialized care because they need help. This places them in a very vulnerable position when their well-being is being entrusted to others. While many nurses are dedicated to doing a good job, there are those that have been known to exploit their position to inflict intentional harm on patients. Sexual assault, rape, molestation, physical assault, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and harassment are some intentional acts of violence that an abusive nurse might inflict upon a patient. Because of their disabilities and injuries, many nursing patients are too sick, frail, or unable to report the incidents of abuse or neglect. Some may be too frightened to speak out. If you suspect Miami nursing home abuse or neglect, you should remove your loved one from the dangerous situation immediately and report the incident to the authorities. If the person is a hired home nurse, you should keep him/her away from the patient. The victim may be entitled to Miami nursing home negligence damages for the harm he/she suffered. In Florida, plaintiffs have four years from the date of injury to file their Miami personal injury complaint. Also, the statute of limitations for Miami medical malpractice against medical professionals is within two years of the date of injury or two years from when the injury was/should have been discovered—unless fraud or misrepresentation or concealment involved—in which case this time frame may be extended. Lawsuit Claims Nurse Assaulted Paraplegic Man, NBC Miami, September 22, 2011 Nursing Home Watch List, AHCA More Blog Posts: St. Lucie County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims Florida Nursing Home Negligence Contributed to Woman’s Fatal Drowning, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, August 4, 2010 Broward County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Home Care Provider Alleging Elder Financial Fraud and the Murder of 89-Year-Old Woman, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 1, 2011 Florida Nursing Home Resident Charged With Molesting Female Patient, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, May 12, 2009

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