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NHTSA Says 523 Florida Motorcycle Riders Killed in 2008

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, 523 motorcycle riders were killed in Florida motorcycle accidents in 2008. 52% of the motorcyclists who died were using helmets. Nationally, 5,290 motorcyclists were killed last year—a slight increase from the 5,174 US motorcyclist fatalities in 2007—while 96,000 others sustained injuries. While overall there has been a decrease in the number of traffic deaths that occur in the US annually, the motorcyclist category is one where the number of deaths isn’t going down. This is disturbing, considering that motorcyclists are usually the least protected vehicle occupant group when involved in a traffic crash. In 2007, a motorcyclist had a 37 times more likely chance of dying in a traffic crash than a car occupant. A motorcyclist’s injury rate was 9 times more likely. Injuries to motorcyclists are usually fatal if not catastrophic. Just last Sunday, rider died in a Brownsville motorcycle accident when his bike was involved in a collision with a Honda Accord. The sedan’s driver sustained minor injuries. In Fort Myers last week, motorcycle rider Robert H. Cook, a Cape Coral resident, was killed when his bike collided with a school bus as the larger vehicle was turning left. No children were on the bus when the deadly Florida motorcycle accident occurred. Motorcycle accidents are catastrophic not just for the victims but also for the liable motorist. Last week, a 26-year-old Miami woman was sentenced to 18 ½ years in state prison for accidentally killing two motorcyclists on February 29, 2008. Dominique Brice was weaving in traffic and driving at a speed of about 87 mph when she struck two riders who were parked on I-95 at the Indian River and St. Lucie counties juncture. Motorcyclists Fritz Doucet, a 37-year-old North Miami police officer, and Raul Ortiz, a West Palm Beach computer technician, are the two men who died. Sometimes, Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is not enough to cover all of the injuries and costs sustained in a catastrophic motorcycle crash. You also may want to hold all negligent parties liable. Motorcycles, 2008 Traffic Safety Facts, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (PDF) Related Web Resources: Hurt Report Summary Our Miami motorcycle accident law firm would like to offer you a free consultation.

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