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Florida Transportation Officials Attempt to Decrease the Number of Florida Traffic Accidents With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Throughout Florida, law enforcement officials, transportation officers, and motorcycle safety groups are reminding motorcycle riders and motor vehicle drivers to share the roads safely with each other. Their efforts mark Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which is being honored in all US states during the Month of May. This need for awareness that motorcyclists do share the roads with other drivers is especially important in Florida, where the use of motorcycles is on the rise. Frankie Kennedy, who is president of the Southwest Florida ABATE motorcycle safety group, says that there are now over 1 million motorcyclists with licenses to ride in Florida—a significant increase from the 40,000 motorcyclists with Florida licenses in 2001. The month of May is also a time of year when more riders start to get on Florida’s roads and highways—long holidays and the summer vacation months play a role in this increase in riders—which also increases the chances that a Florida motorcycle accident may occur. Kennedy is quick to note that 85% of motorcycle accidents resulting in a motorcyclist’s death occur because another driver was at fault. In Lee County, Florida alone, there were 278 motorcycle accidents that occurred in 2008 that resulted in 20 motorcycle rider deaths. In 2007, there were 530 motorcycle deaths that occurred throughout Florida. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is not about placing blame on anyone. It is about reminding the drivers of cars, trucks, and buses, as well as motorcyclists, that they share Florida’s roads with one another. This means that motor vehicle drivers must allow motorcyclists a full lane to ride and not try to share a lane with them. They must also check their blind spots for motorcycles, as well as give a motorcycle enough space when following behind one so that the rider can stop abruptly in the event of an emergency. Motorcyclists, in turn, have to remember that they share the roads with larger vehicles. Not only must they wear protective gear or clothing to minimize any potential injuries during a Florida motorcycle crash, but they also must make sure that they are visible to other motorists—this means avoiding a motor vehicle driver’s blind spot and wearing clothing that is bright enough so that they are as visible as possible to other drivers—especially at night. Motorcyclists should also ride safely and refrain from speeding. Taking proactive steps to prevent a Florida motorcycle accident from happening could save not only a motorcyclist’s life but also the lives of other motorists sharing the roads with them. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, WCTV, May 4, 2009 Related Web Resources: Motorcycle Safety Awareness, NHTSA In Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and other South Florida cities, our Florida motorcycle accident lawyers would like to talk to you. Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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