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Florida Man Killed in Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident on I-95 was Run Over by Three Motor Vehicles

The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the drivers of two motor vehicles that struck a Fort Lauderdale motorcyclist after he was thrown from his bike on I-95 on Monday. 48-year-old Jerry Bordas is the second member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club to die in a Florida motorcycle accident in two weeks. He flew off his motorbike after colliding with a van at around 3 am and was then run over by three vehicles. Two of the motor vehicles that hit him, a small car and a tractor-trailer, did not stop at the crash site. Bordas was not using a helmet at the time of the deadly Florida traffic crash. Motorcycle Accident Injuries Getting thrown off a motorcycle can be fatal for the rider, especially if he or she is not using a helmet. Examples of catastrophic injuries that can occur to motorcyclists: • Facial injuries • Traumatic brain injuries • Skull fractures • Broken legs • Broken feet • Hand injuries • Organ damage • Permanent disabilities • Spinal cord injuries • Road burns • Lacerations • Road rash A truck driver, car driver, bus driver, or another motorist responsible for causing a Florida motorcycle accident can be held liable for personal injury or wrongful death. Motorcycle Accident Facts • The Federal Highway Administration says that in 2007 there were 7.1 million motorcycles riding on US roads. • The Insurance Information Institute says the number of motorcycle deaths have increased every year over the last decade. • 13% of all traffic deaths and 4% of all occupants who were hurt in 2007 motor vehicle crashes were motorcycle riders. Related Web Resources: Outlaws Motorcycle Club Motorcycle Crashes, Insurance Information Institute Federal Highway Administration Contact our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers at our Florida personal injury law firm to explore your legal options.

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