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Driver Charged in Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Death

Eight months after a Boynton Beach man was killed in a Boca Raton motorcycle accident, the man accused of striking the Harley-Davidson that 56-year-old Steven Fischer was riding has been arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter over his death. Frank Barrucco, 26, allegedly was high on pain pills and pot when his 2005 Hyundai Sonata struck Fischer’s bike, ejecting him. Blood tests show that Barruco had THC and over four times the prescribed doses of alprazolam and oxyocodone in his system. He said he took the medication for his back injury. Per witnesses, Barrucco attempted to leave the crash site until they went after him. Deputies at the scene said that his eyes appeared bloodshot and he couldn’t speak straight. Drugged Driving Driving while under the influence of drugs is impaired driving. Like drunk driving, drugged driving affect’s one’s reaction time, motor skills, and judgment. Unfortunately, per a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) roadside survey in 2007, over 16% of drivers operating vehicles at night and on weekends tested positive for prescription, illegal, and over-the counter meds. A 2009 NHTSA studied found that among drivers that died in motor vehicle crashes, 18% tested positive for at least one drug—that’s a 15% rise from 2005. Other reasons why drugged driving is dangerous: • Impairs perception • Affects balance • Alters cognition • Serves as a distraction • Impedes coordination • Impairs other faculties Illegal drugs obviously shouldn’t be consumed at any time—whether while driving or otherwise. What many people fail to realize is that some prescription drugs can have such a strong effect that taking just the prescribed dose can prove powerful enough to cause a driver to become dangerous. Many prescription drugs even warn that users not drive or operate machinery for a specific duration of time after having taken the meds. Obviously, taking too much of any medication while operating a motor vehicle can also prove deadly. Our Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyers represent victims and their families. We are familiar with the serious injuries that can result when a motorcyclist is injured in a Palm Beach County auto crash. Lack of sufficient protection can prove catastrophic for a rider that is thrown from his/her bike and onto the road or into oncoming traffic. We know how hard it can be to recoup from such a devastating accident. It is our job to help our clients with the legalities of their Boca Raton personal injury case while they tend to the business of healing and getting back to their lives. Obviously, in some instances, injuries are serious enough to prevent this type of physical recovery—yet another reason to explore your legal options for obtaining damages from any liable parties. West Boca driver accused of DUI manslaughter in fatal crash with Boynton motorcyclist, Sun-Sentinel, October 24, 2011 What Is Drugged Driving?, National Institute on Drug Abuse Motorcycles, NHTSA More Blog Posts: South Florida Motorcycle Accident on I-595 Injures Four, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, May 3, 2010 NHTSA Says 523 Florida Motorcycle Riders Killed in 2008, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, December 1, 2009 Florida Man Killed in Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident on I-95 was Run Over by Three Motor Vehicles, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, May 5, 2009 Contact our Boca Raton car accident law firm today.

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