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Miami Medical Malpractice: Wrong Site Surgeries Can Lead to Catastrophic Consequences

Undergoing any kind of surgery can be stressful, scary, and painful. There is also the risk of complications that can arise during a surgical procedure that can lead to serious injuries and even death. With so much at stake, surgeons really must be careful to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately, surgical mistakes do happen, which can prove detrimental to the patient. Wrong site surgery is one of them. This usually involves the wrong part of the body being operated on or a surgery performed on the wrong patient. It is important to know that wrong site surgery can be grounds for a Miami medical malpractice lawsuit. Examples of wrong site surgery: • Operating on the wrong side of the body, such as the wrong breast, kidney, eyes, or ovaries • Operating on the correct side of the body, but on the wrong body part, such as the wrong eye muscle in the correct eye, the wrong part of the spine, the wrong toe on the correct foot Wrong site surgery can also refer to performing the correct procedure on the wrong patient or the wrong procedure on the correct person. As you can see by the examples above, such mistakes can prove detrimental. For example, if the patient has to have a kidney that has cancer removed and the healthy kidney is taken out instead, where does that leave the patient? Or, a person who is blind in one eye and has the eye that can see accidentally removed will lose their sight completely. Last year, a jury awarded a teenager’s family $20 million for medical malpractice because a surgical team made the mistake of cutting out matter from the wrong side of his brain. The plaintiffs said that the surgical error left 15-year-old with continuing seizures, while adversely affecting his mental state, intelligence, and emotional abilities. Common causes of wrong site surgery: • Poor preoperational preparation • Not following operative guidelines • Poor communication among surgical team • Confusion about what procedure is being performed and on what body part • Recklessness on the surgeon’s part • Patients with similar names • Confusing terms, such as whether “correct” means “right” • Patient wristband mix-ups • Not marking the correct site for operation so that wrong site surgery mistakes can’t happen • Failure to conduct necessary preoperational checks right before the procedure There is no reason why a wrong site surgery should occur if medical staff follow proper protocols and exercise the proper care necessary to perform the surgical procedure. In addition to a negligent doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse, or another medical professional that was careless, you may be able to pursue damages from the medical center or hospital where the surgical mistake occurred. $9M Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Seeks Damages from Obstetrician and Ultrasound Clinics, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, September 1, 2011 Florida Laparoscopic Malpractice: When Small Incisions Lead to Large Injuries, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 28, 2011 $4.7M Broward County Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded to Woman Who Suffered Anesthesia Complications During Surgery, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, June 22, 2011 You want to work with a Miami personal injury law firm that is experienced in pursuing Florida medical malpractice claims and has the resources to build a solid case against all liable parties.

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