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What Evidence Do You Need for Home Owner’s Insurance Claim?

Florida Homeowners Insurance Disputes Attorney
If you want to avoid doing battle with your home owner's insurance company, it's a good idea to be as prepared as possible when you initially submit your claim. Despite the fact that your policy outlines specific requirements that you must meet in order to present a home owner's insurance claim, it is still possible to find yourself with a home owner's insurance denial even when you have followed all of the necessary mandates from the company. There are several different types of evidence that you should gather as soon as possible after the incident that left you with damage. These include:
  • Receipts of all purchase contracts and items you bought.
  • Appraisals, which are typically ordered by manufactured home lenders during the approval process.
  • Written descriptions such as the serial number, make, model, date of purchase, original cost or estimate and any improvements made to those items.
  • Photographs and videos. You can use your camera to have a visual record of what happened on your personal property. You should make sure that you zoom in on any serial numbers of your electronic appliances. Close up photos of all belongings should be obtained, and audio commentary should capture any additional details.
As is mentioned above, even when you submit all of the appropriate information and have provided it in a timely fashion to your insurance carrier, you cannot necessarily count on their prompt approval of your claim. This can be a shocking experience after you have already gone through a devastating loss of your personal property, and a home owner's insurance denial lawyer will be able to help you if you believe that the company acted in bad faith and left you suffering the consequences. You deserve to have an attorney who is fully informed about this process.