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Tips for Filing a Fire Insurance Claim

handling a fire insurance claim denial should be done with a lawyer
  Particularly, as fires are a seriously prevalent threat throughout the country, insurance companies may try to cut corners on fire insurance claims in order to protect their own bottom line. It is already a devastating experience to lose your personal belongings in your home but the last thing you want to worry about is a bad faith action by your homeowners' insurance company. There are several different steps you can take to increase your chances of a successful fire insurance claim. However, bear in mind that many insurance companies will do everything in their power to minimize or deny your claim altogether. The only way to protect yourself if you find yourself in that situation is to retain a bad faith insurance claim attorney. Such a lawyer can advise you about your rights and empower you with greater decision-making ability such that if you need to, you can file a legal claim against the insurance company directly. Not every claim will be eligible to file a bad faith legal claim but talking over the circumstances of your case with a knowledgeable insurance claim lawyer is a great step. The following steps should be followed when filing a fire insurance claim:
  • Requesting in advance against your fire insurance claim.
  • Pressuring the insurance company to act immediately in filing your claim right away.
  • Making a list of everything you've lost and refuse to throw anything away.
  • Secure all property to mitigate future damage.
  • Keep track of your living expenses immediately after the fire has occurred.
  • Keep receipts, documentation, and repair estimates on file with you.
  • Continue to pay your insurance premiums.
  • Consider the benefits of a public adjuster.
  • Do not worry about losing insurance coverage.
  • Reach out directly to an experienced attorney if you believe that the insurance company has acted in bad faith. Showing them you are serious by filing a legal claim can cause the insurance company to finally take the action that they should do under the policy anyways.
Gathering the appropriate evidence and sitting down in a consultation with a lawyer empowers you with the most possibilities.

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