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What You Need to Know About Your Insurance Policy After a Loss

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An insurance policy is there to protect you in the event of a serious problem, but many people are shocked to learn that it’s not always easy to deal directly with your insurance company. The discovery that you might have to hire a lawyer to help you with a denied claim can be an unwelcome one, but it might be the first and most important step for recovering the policy benefits to which you are entitled. The right lawyer can help you navigate this situation so you get the support you need. Understanding how to file an effective insurance claim and to avoid the problems associated with a denied insurance claim begins with the review of the policy itself. You should begin by looking at the declarations page on your policy. This explains how a policy could be divided into separate coverage categories. Furthermore, depending on the type of policy you selected, you may have additional endorsements that are listed on the declaration page. Read the policy over and over again until you have a primary understanding of what’s included in it. You can ask for one in writing if you do not have a current and complete copy of your insurance policy. This helps to ensure that you and the relevant insurance adjuster are working from the same document. There is math entitled in determining how much you may be eligible to recover depending on the type of insurance policy. If you rely only on the company's adjuster to calculate the losses, you could leave money on the table. Having an experienced attorney for a denied insurance claim at your side to help you navigate this complex situation and to avoid unfair denials or delays in your claim. The right lawyer is necessary for avoiding further problems. An attorney for denied insurance claims can help you figure out the best way to proceed and to hold an insurance company accountable if they have engaged in bad faith behavior that violates your rights as a consumer of an insurance policy product.    

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