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How to File a Disability Claim in Florida

Florida Disability Claim Lawyer
When you're newly disabled, transitioning from earning a living wage to getting disability benefits can be extremely challenging. Often, people find that they can't make ends meet during this gap. Getting your claim approved as quickly as possible is key to obtaining medical and financial benefits when you need them most.

1. Contact Your Local Disability Office for a Form

The first thing you need to do is contact your local disability office and obtain a form to file for disability benefits. While it is possible to fill out the form and submit it to the disability office on your own, this can increase your chances of receiving a denial and having to go through an appeals process. Once you receive your form, you'll want to consult with an experienced disability claims attorney on how the form should be filled out and what information you should include.

2. Make a Doctor's Appointment

Visit your doctor to discuss your disability. Although you will usually be required to visit another doctor of the disability board's choosing during the claim evaluation process, it's important to inform your doctor of your plans to file for disability and obtain important medical records that you can include with the submission of your form to help bolster your case.

3. Prepare for a Denial

Once your form is completely filled out and submitted to the proper office, all you can do is wait. However, you can also be mentally prepared for a denial. Statistics show that the majority of disability claims are initially denied and must go through an appeals process. Often, disability claims that were denied on the first submission are approved during the appeal. If you've already consulted with an attorney during the initial filing process, you'll already be set up to launch an appeal quickly and effectively.

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At the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A, we understand how challenging it can be physically, emotionally, and financially to live with a disability. Everyone in your family is affected when you are disabled, and disability benefits are just one part of being able to provide your family with what they need even when you can no longer work. Contact us today to learn more about how to file a disability claim by calling (800) 555-4011.

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