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Was Your Flood Insurance Claim Denied?

Florida Flood Insurance Denial Lawyer
When your home has been involved in a flood, you stand to lose many of your possessions. Not only do these have sentimental value, they also have monetary value that would cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. If you've filed a flood insurance claim, you expect that you will be approved -- after all, your house was flooded and the proof is right there. But often, flood victims are shocked when they receive a letter of denial. Here's what you can do if your flood insurance was denied.

Get Information from the Adjuster Working On Your Claim

If you've gotten a denial letter, contact your adjuster and ask why the claim was denied. Ask for specifics and if you don't have a copy of your policy already, make sure to get one at this time. Go over your policy word for word, including the fine print. You want to have a grasp on exactly why your claim was denied and if the denial is supported by your policy. Attempt to resolve the denial with your adjuster.

Contact the Adjuster's Supervisor or the Claims Representative

If you are unable to resolve the denial with your adjuster, you may need to speak with the adjuster's supervisor or the claims representative. You may be able to obtain assistance from them to appeal your case and have your policy and claim reevaluated. In many cases, at this point, the denial is reversed and the claim is approved. However, sometimes unethical insurance companies or companies who truly believe they have the right to deny your claim will stand firm and will not issue a reversal of their original decision.

Contact an Experienced Insurance Denial Attorney

If your flood insurance claim has been denied, it's in your best interest to contact a seasoned insurance denial attorney who can help you move through the stages of appeal. You can attempt to contact your adjuster or the claims representative first, but often, people have more success when they get their attorneys involved as soon as they receive a denial letter. Contact the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. for more information about your right to appeal a flood insurance claim denial and what steps you need to take to increase the chances that you will be covered for the losses you have incurred. Call today for a consultation at (954) 763-4950.

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