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What to Do After a Denied Life Insurance Claim

how to handle a denied life insurance claim
Have you recently had your life insurance claim denied? This can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, particularly in the wake of grief as you try to move forward without a loved one. Many people are counting on a life insurance policy payout when someone passes away unexpectedly. Living expenses and funeral costs may emerge immediately, making it difficult to pay in these situations. However, not all life insurance claims are approved and it can be difficult to read the fine print and figure out what to do if yours has recently been denied. The first step after receiving a notice of a claim denial is to find out the particular reasoning for why it was denied. If this was not clearly outlined in your denial letter, you need to contact the life insurance company right away. Under the law, you should be able to get the reason for this denial in writing. if you feel that the reason for the denial was illegal or unjust, you need to appeal the decision. You need the help of an experienced life insurance appeal attorney to help you with this process because the insurance company’s procedures can be very difficult to understand and are layered with numerous different sets of regulations and difficulties. Without an attorney to help you through this process, you may be unable to get the benefits that you were so desperately counting on. When you have an attorney, you can show the insurance company that you are serious and you will be thoroughly advised of all steps in the insurance claim process to give you the necessary peace of mind about your future. You cannot afford to wait if you are concerned about a life insurance claim denial because you have a limited period of time in which to appeal this decision. You need to document that you have contacted the insurance company immediately and that you have taken all the necessary steps to show the insurance company that you do not agree with their final decision. The right lawyer is a powerful advocate for you and your family when you already have enough to worry about.